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Defendant Release Notification

Pennsylvania's Statewide Automated Victim Information and Notification 


This service will allow crime victims to obtain timely information about the custody status of offenders in a county jail or state prison.


     - Free

     - Confidental

     - Accessible 24 hours a day

     - Available in English and Spanish

     - Search custody location of an offender

     - Register to receive notification of a change in custody status


     - Visit www.vinelink.com

     - Select State

     - Click the Search


     - Call 1-866-972-7284 or visit www.vinelink.com and follow the instructions

     - Register to receive notification by phone, e-mail, text message (SMS) or TTY device

Note:  If registering a phone number, you will be asked to create a four-digit personal identification number (PIN) that will be used to confirm that the call was received.Keep the PIN # simple and easy to remember.


Once you are registered, you will be notified when an offender:

     - is released

     - is transferred to another location

     - escapes

     - dies

When PA SAVIN calls, listen to the message, enter your 4-digit PIN # followed by the pound (#) key. This will stop the automated service from calling you again with the same notification. Failure to enter your PIN # will result in repeated phone calls from the automated service.

For assistance, please contact us at 610-478-6000.

**NOTE: Do not depend solely on this service or any other single program for your protection. If you feel you are at risk, take precaution and contact us about safety planning.

Office of Victim Advocate (OVA)State Release Notification Progr​am

If the offender is in a state prison, there are additional notifications and services available to you.

OVA can provide you with an opportunity to express your feelings about the release of the offender. This allows the decision makers to know about any concerns you may have for the safety of you and your family and to request certain conditions of release be put in place if the offender is approved for release.

To learn more and register, contact them at (800) 322-4472, (800) 563-6399, or (877) 349-1064 (TDD) during regular business hours.