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Digital Photography for Law Enforcement - 2013



Digital Photography For

Law Enforcement - 2014

The course is designed to assist qualified police officers in achieving a level of proficiency to successfully complete essential crime scene, close-up, investigative, and surveillance photographic assignments. This proficiency will come as a result of in depth classroom instruction followed by hands on use of a digital camera package supplied by the Berks County District Attorney’s Office. Upon completion of the exercises, the students will learn how to properly transfer and save the captured images for evidentiary use and ultimately prepare images for courtroom presentation.

The course is limited to twenty students, (two) student teams from ten different police departments located in Berks County. Each (two) student team will be supplied with one digital camera package, if that police department has not received a digital camera in past training.Upon successful completion of the course, the ownership of the digital camera package will be transferred from the Berks County District Attorney’s Office to the police department, at no cost.


Prerequisites for Attendance:

1. Full time law enforcement officer for a police department located in Berks County

2. Possess Evidence Technician training or certification

3. Photographic Tripod

4. Digital camera if department was previously issued one by District Attorney's Office

4. Full three day attendance mandatory

When:May7-9, 2014 Time: 0800 to 1600 hrs.

Where: Berks County Agricultural Center - Forensic Services Section

How: E-mail Lt. Todd Trupp at:ttrupp@countyofberks.com


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