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Drug Round Up

Two Day Drug Round-Up and Reverse Operation Nets Six Heroin and Cocaine Dealers and Twenty-Two Users

Detectives from the Berks County District Attorney's Drug Task Force and the Reading Police Vice Section arrested six street-level dealers distributed Heroin and Crack Cocaine and twenty-two users on Wednesday and Thursday (September 4th & 5th) for numerous violations of the PA Drug Device and Cosmetic Act (Possession, Possession With Intent to Deliver and Delivery). This joint investigation was the result of numerous complaints from concerned citizens and information obtained from confidential sources. The two day operation was the culmination of a two month investigation where undercover detectives purchased small amounts of Heroin and Crack Cocaine from street drug dealers in the area of South 6th Street and Chestnut Street and specifically from 613 Chestnut Street, Reading, Berks Co., PA. Undercover purchases ranged from $20.00 to $80.00 worth of Heroin and Cocaine.

The following six individuals were arrested for Delivery of a Controlled Substance:

lucas garcia.JPG    freddie alvarado.JPG    billy castro 2.JPG

Lucas Garcia, age 56 Freddie Alvarado-Merlo, age 42 Billy Castro, age 34

613 Chestnut Street 613 Chestnut Street 133 South 6th Street, 1st fl. front

Reading, PA Reading, PA Reading, PA

gregory sims.JPG    michael richardson.JPG    bryan caban.JPG

Gregory Sims, age 31 Michael Richardson, age 18 Bryan Caban-Mercado, age 20

107 Pearl Street no known address no known address

Reading, PA

*NOTE - detectives have warrants for six additional dealers who could not be located during the round-up.

The following twenty-two individuals were arrested for Possession of Heroin and Criminal Attempt to Possess Heroin:

1. Luis Cabrerra, age 59, 317 Pearl Street, Reading, PA

2. Michael Rothenberger, age 35, 3114 Pricetown Road, Temple, PA

3.Samuel Stumhofer, age 37, 150 Upland Court, Hamburg, PA

4. Gregory Jefferson, age 57, 656 North 6th Street, Reading, PA

5.Mariano Andino-Cruz, age 48,128 South 4th Street,1st floor, Reading, PA

6.Paul Hervochan, age 42,248 Faith Drive,Blandon, PA

7.Kyle Bennett,age 23,no permanent address

8.Michael Holliday, age 31,227 Jefferson Road,Reinholds, PA

9.Iveliz Gonzalez, age35, no permanent address

10.Ezequiel Santiago, age60,428 South 15th Street, Reading PA

11. Laura Bruno, age 71, 724 Franklin Street, Reading, PA

12.Jennifer Phillips, age 39, 100 Main Street, Shoemakersville, PA

13. Ramon Gonzalez, age 51, 433 North 11th Street, Reading, PA

14. Angel Delarosa, age 45, 418 West Windsor Street, Reading, PA

15. Mark Koles, age 45, 100 Chestnut Street, Hamburg, PA

16. Candace Butler, age 47, 350 Elm Street, Reading, PA

17. Blanca Lopez, age 51, 525 Franklin Street, Reading, PA

18. Sara Grant, age 27, 720 Locust Street, Reading, PA

19. Michael Anderson, age 29, 183 Oley Furnace Road, Fleetwood, PA

20. Leonard Browne, age 42, 815 Colonial Drive, Birdsboro, PA

21. Juan Irizarry, age 49, no permanent address

22. Brenda Medina, age 47, 1335 Perkiomen Avenue, Reading, PA