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The Berks County District Attorney’s Office, Berks County Detectives, currently offer internship opportunities for college students who are interested in a law enforcement career. The Berks County Detectives internship is an unpaid, hands-on opportunity, designed to provide education-related work assignments for students enrolled in an accredited four year academic program.
The internship program fosters a better understanding of the challenges, hazards and rewards of a law enforcement career, specifically within a criminal investigations setting. Berks County Detectives are not first responders and therefore do not have a traditional police patrol function.
This internship program is designed for those students who are interested in the area of Criminal Investigations and Forensics Services. Interns are assigned to work closely with detectives in both units. Internship placement and experience will vary depending on assignment. Past interns have had diverse educational interests such as criminal justice, criminology, forensic science, chemistry, biology, digital forensics, information technology, law and other courses of study. Interns have the ability to combine academic study with on-the-job experience.
Applicants are required to successfully complete a criminal background check, Voice Stress (CVSA) examination and an interview. Due to the fact that the Berks County District Attorney’s Office, Berks County Detectives are a CJIS (Criminal Justice Information System) certified law enforcement agency, interns may not possess any criminal convictions on their record. The Voice Stress examination is an in-person, question and answer session utilized to determine deception. Detectives ask perspective interns questions that revolve around theft and prior drug use.
Due to the fact that successful applicants may on occasion work in a close proximity with detectives assigned to the Narcotics Unit, a zero tolerance policy is in effect as it pertains to past participation in the drug trade. What this means to all applicants: if you used marijuana, cocaine, heroin, or any other illegal drug in the past year, please do not apply. If you were involved in the manufacture, growing, cultivating or selling of any illegal drug during your lifetime, please do not apply.
The interview location is dependent upon your course of instruction. We prefer to conduct on-site interviews for all prospective interns. On occasion, due to the location of your school, we may permit a telephone interview. The Voice Stress examination must be conducted on-site prior to the beginning of your internship. Your internship coordinator will discuss the requirements for your interview and Voice Stress examination.

Internship Application Process


Step 1: Application

Your complete application packet must include all of the following in order to be considered:
  • Completed application (fillable PDF or legible handwriting)
  • Cover letter
  • Current resume
  • An unofficial academic transcript (usually free for students)
  • One letter of referral from advisor or professor
  • Copy of a governmental photo identification, preferably current state driver’s / operator’s license
  • Copy of college issued photo identification
  • Copy of military identification or copy of DD-214, if applicable
The application and all of the above requested documents must be submitted together by the listed deadlines. Failure to meet any of the above mentioned requirements may prevent the review of your application. Applicants should submit the completed application to:
Lieutenant Todd Trupp
Criminal Investigations Section
Berks County Detectives
633 Court Street
Services Center, 15th floor
Reading, Pa 19601
(610) 478-7171
Upon receipt of a complete, legible application packet and the preliminary background records check, you will be contacted via e-mail to arrange for an interview.
Your complete application must be received by the below deadlines to be considered for placement in the requested semester.
Application Deadlines
Requested Placement
​Internship Application Submission Date
​Spring (J​anuary - May) 2019 ​August 6, 2018
​​Summer (June - August) 2019 ​November 6, 2018​
​​Fall (September - December) 2019 ​February 5, 201​9
​​Holiday Break (December - January) 2018​ ​May 7, 2018​
​​5 weeks maximum​

Step 2: Processing

Once the complete application packet is received, all communication will be via email. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that the contact email address is included and legible in order for the application to be processed. Upon receipt and review of complete application packets, a preliminary background records check will be conducted and applicants will be contacted to schedule an interview.

Step 3: Interview

Interviews will be conducted at the Berks County Services Center for Criminal Investigation internships and at the Berks County Forensic Services Section for Computer Forensic and Crime Scene Forensic internships. Once the interview is scheduled, instructions and information regarding the interview will be forwarded via email.

Step 4: Placement

The Berks County Detectives Internship Program is competitive and selections are based on numerous factors which include academic achievement, area of study, results of interview and Voice Stress analysis. Students that reside in Berks County or attend a college or university located in Berks County may receive preference. If approved for participation and placement, the Internship Coordinator will notify the applicant and provide Supervisor contact information for scheduling.
Voice Stress Examination
The Voice Stress examination are conducted at the detective’s headquarters, located in the Berks County Services Center, 15th floor detective’s office, 633 Court Street, Reading, Pa., 19601.
Interview for Forensic Services Internship
Forensic Service interviews are conducted at the Forensic Services Unit, 1238 County Welfare Road, Leesport, Pa 19533. The unit is located in the basement of the Berks County Agricultural Building.
Interview for Criminal Investigations Internships
Criminal Investigation interviews are conducted at detective’s headquarters, located in the Berks County Services Center, 15th floor detectives office, 633 Court Street, Reading, Pa., 19601.

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The application is located at the bottom of this web page. Disregard the year of the application file.

2017 Internship Applications are always valid.

Requested Placement
​Internship Application Submission Date
​Spring (J​anuary - May) 2019 ​August 6, 2018​
​​Summer (June - August) 2019 ​November 6, 2018
​​Fall (September - December) 2019 ​February 5, 2019
​​Holiday Break (December - January) 2018​ ​May 7, 2018​
​​5 weeks maximum​

Please use the application below to apply for the internship.


2017 Internship Application (Word Form)

2017 Internship Application (PDF form)