Detectives from the Berks County District Attorney's Office and Agents from the Pennsylvania Attorney General's Office initiated a joint investigation into several street level drug dealers and mid-level drug dealers who were distributing heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, marijuana, and prescription medications within Berks County, Pennsylvania. The investigation revealed that the street level dealers and the mid-level dealers were part of two (2) organizations who were loosely tied and responsible for distributing illegal drugs (mainly heroin) throughout at least three (3) counties in Pennsylvania including Berks, Lancaster, and Schuylkill.

The investigation began in July of 2013 and consisted of numerous undercover drug buys and extensive surveillance. As the scope of the investigation increased, officers and agents continued to investigate and utilized other investigative means including electronic surveillance.

The investigation revealed that members of both organizations colluded with each other at various points throughout the investigation. Members of both organizations acquired bulk quantities of illegal drugs which were eventually broken down into street level quantities to be distributed to numerous customers.

The majority of the illegal activity took place within Berks County but members were responsible for distributing illegal drugs to Lancaster County and Schuylkill County.

On June 23, 2014, as a result of the investigations, members of the following agencies executed 16 search warrants throughout Berks County and 1 search warrant in Lancaster:

  • Berks County District Attorney's Detectives
  • Office of Attorney General
  • FBI
  • DEA
  • Pennsylvania State Police
  • Exeter Township Police Department
  • Muhlenberg Township Police Department
  • Reading Police Department
  • Berks County Sheriff's Office

The following items were seized:

  • 10 firearms - including assault rifles, shotguns, and semi-automatic handguns
  • 9 vehicles
  • a dune buggy
  • substantial amount of heroin along with marijuana, synthetic marijuana, and cocaine
  • various packaging materials
  • numerous cell phones
  • approximately $40,000 cash

On June 24, 2014, efforts were made to serve arrest warrants on the following 48 individuals and charged with Corrupt Organizations; Criminal Use of Communication Facility; Dealing in Proceeds of Unlawful Activities; Possession of a Controlled Substance; Possession With Intent to Deliver a Controlled Substance; and Delivery of a Controlled Substance




  1. Miguel "Mikey" Torres, age 33; 518 Oley Street, Reading
  2. Hommy Colon, age 33; 303 North Waverly Street, Shillington
  3. Jonathan Gonzalez, age 26; 401 Elm Street, Reading
  4. Erick Marrero, age 19; 426 West Oley Street, Reading
  5. Nestor Gonzalez, age 23; 341 West Douglass Street, Reading
  6. Luis Ramirez, age 23; 300 Lackawanna Street, Apt. 3D, Reading
  7. Luis Ortiz, age 23; 137 Rose Street, Reading
  8. Daniel Velez, age 30; Halfway House, Wernersville
  9. Jorge Morales-Gasparini, age 48; 135 Rose Street, Reading
  10. Jaime Acosta, age 34; 1024 Scott Street, Reading
  11. Jacob Rivera, age 20; 402 South 10th Street, Reading
  12. Edwin Colon, age 34; 33 Maple Street, Reading
  13. Staley Williams, age 35; 402 Sycamore Street, West Reading
  14. William Colon, age 24; 340 Pear Street, Reading
  15. Alexis Arroyo, age 39; 1900 Lorraine Road, Apt. 27D, Reading
  16. Daniel Roman, age 33; 104 Oley Street, Reading
  17. Angel Garcia, age 38; unknown address in Pottsville
  18. Harry Yellets, Jr., age 54; 45 South Pearl Street, Lancaster
  19. Maurice Price, age 35; 1131 Wabank, Apt. F201, Lancaster
  20. Victor Brown, age 44; 350 Elm Street, Reading
  21. William Cordero, age 38; Berks County Jail
  22. Anthony Ovid, age 37, 327 Hollenbach Street, Reading
  23. Curtis McNeill, age 31; 920 Washington Street, Apt. 2, Reading
  24. Felix Romero-Dejesus, age 26; 1030 1/2 Elm Street, Reading
  25. Mariano Cardona-Torres, age 29; 711 Walnut Street, Reading
  26. Adam Minngia, age 49; 703 Hillside Drive, Hamburg
  27. John Doe; "Lebanon"
  28. John Doe; "AB"

Street Level Heroin Customers:

(Charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance; Criminal Use of Communication Facility)


  1. Jessica Sickafus, age 24; 159 Tulpehocken Street, Bernville
  2. Ashley Kettering, age 24; 4227 Hill Terrace Drive, Sinking Spring
  3. Stephanie DiPietro, age 23; 228 West Walnut Tree Street, Blandon
  4. Christina Habel, age 22; 204 Nicole Drive, Reading
  5. Chelsea Bell, age 22; 331 South 11th Street, Reading
  6. Keith Becker, age 53; 721 Cocalico Drive, Birdsboro
  7. Nikki Swisher, age 20; 1339 Mineral Spring Avenue, Reading
  8. Samuel Stumhofer, age 37; 150 Upland Court, Hamburg
  9. Roni Fisher, age 30; 327 Lombard Street, Reading
  10. Margaret Murphy, age 36; 1517 Cotton Street, Reading
  11. Marie Castro, age 40; 205 Oley Street, Apt. 2, Reading
  12. Cheuy Francisco, age 22; 701 North 10th Street, rear apt., Reading
  13. Suliman Popal, age 28; 30 Laurel Avenue, Birdsboro
  14. Ellen Waruszewski, age 51; 3324 Rosedale Avenue, Laureldale
  15. Anthony Koullias, age 25; 1145 Penn Avenue, Apt. 2, Wyomissing
  16. Israel Perez-Lopez, age 28; 148 West Oley Street, Reading
  17. John Doe "Domino"
  18. John Doe "Frankie"
  19. John Doe "Ralphie"
  20. Jane Doe

** A criminal complaint is an accusation. A defendant is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty.