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Operation Last Hurrah
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  • Possession of Methamphetamine, Cocaine, Heroin & Marijuana
  • Possession With the Intent to Deliver Methamphetamine, Cocaine, Heroin & Marijuana
  • Dealing in Proceeds of Unlawful Activities
  • Corrupt Organization
  • Criminal Conspiracy 
In February of 2017, the Pennsylvania State Police, Bureau of Criminal Investigation, initiated an investigation into the illegal drug trafficking activities of Luis Irizarry, who resided in Reading, Pennsylvania.  During the investigation, Troopers determined that Irizarry was associated with numerous other significant illegal drug traffickers.   
Based on knowledge that the organization was operating in Berks County, Troopers teamed up with narcotics detectives from the Berks County District Attorney’s Office and the City of Reading Police Department to further investigate the scope of the illegal drug trade.   
Subsequently, on May 31, 2017, Berks County District Attorney, John Adams, made an application for electronic surveillance on subjects of this investigation.  This application was authorized by a Pennsylvania Senior Superior Court Judge. 
The investigation revealed that Irizarry was being supplied by at least two (2) distinct organizations.  The principal participants in one organization were identified as Angel Concepcion-Collazo and Angel Morales-Rivera.  The principals in the other organization were identified as Carlos Balestier-Marrero, Nelson Rivera and David Delacruz.  
Law Enforcement determined that the span of the organization controlled by Angel Concepcion-Collazo was vast with networks in other cities in Pennsylvania; including Harrisburg, York, and Allentown, and other States; including New York, Florida and Puerto Rico. One of the schemes Concepcion-Collazo was involved with was smuggling bulk quantities of cocaine, via parcel service, from Puerto Rico into the United States.  With the assistance of the United States Postal Service, law enforcement was able to identify and seize several parcels that were destined for locations in Berks County.  These seized parcels contained four (4) kilograms of cocaine.    
Law Enforcement determined that the organization involving Carlos Balestier-Marrero, Nelson Rivera and David Delacruz orchestrated deliveries of significant amounts of bulk methamphetamine from other areas of the United States.  One of the source cities was identified as Los Angeles, California.  Some of the methamphetamine was trafficked with the intent of being delivered in other surrounding counties; including Schuylkill, Lancaster and Lehigh County.  
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The investigation revealed that many of the suspects exposed during this operation were also actively engaged in their own enterprise of selling drugs. Besides being involved in these distinct organizations, many of the suspects were also involved in trafficking all types of illegal drugs; including heroin, methamphetamine, “crack” cocaine, powder cocaine, marijuana and prescription pills. 
On August 1, 2017, Berks County Magisterial District Judge Stuart Kennedy authorized arrest warrants for the below listed individuals. The issued arrest warrants encompass felony drug charges and being part of a corrupt organization that conspired with others in such crimes.  
Additionally, Judge Kennedy authorized search warrants for numerous residences throughout Berks County, which were utilized by members from this drug organization to facilitate their illegal activities. 
In the early morning hours of August 2nd, 2017, approximately one hundred twenty-five law enforcement officers from the Pennsylvania State, the Berks County District Attorney’s Drug Task Force and the Reading Police Department served the aforementioned arrest warrants and search warrants.     
Thus far, Law Enforcement served search warrants at the following locations:
1.      1233 Green Street, 1st Floor Apt., Reading, PA 
2.      218 Linden Street, Reading, PA  
3.      148 West Robeson Street, Reading, PA  
4.      50 N 4th Street, Apartment 6-C,  Reading, PA  
5.      122 Pennwyn Place, Shillington, PA   
6.      1206 Muhlenberg Street, Reading, ,PA  
7.      310 Bern Street, 2nd floor, Reading, ,PA  
8.      1202 Avenue C Reading, PA  
9.      601 N. 5th Street, Apartment #5, Reading, PA 
10.   514 Maple Street, Reading, PA  
11.   105 W. Huller Street, Ontelaunee, PA  
12.   735 Washington Street, Reading, PA  
13.   2109 Elder Street, Building C, Reading, PA  
14.  466 Spring Street, Reading, PA  
15.  Pear Street, Reading, PA  
Thus far, Law Enforcement seized the following evidence:
-          Over four (4) kilograms of Cocaine 
-          Approximately 20 pounds of Methamphetamine 
-          Substantial amount of bulk and packaged Heroin  
-          Over 200 grams of Fentanyl 
-          Over 4 pounds of high-grade Marijuana 
-          Over $200,000.00 in cash  
-          Twenty-one guns with ammunition 
-          Nine vehicles 


Thus far, arrest warrants, encompassing felony drug charges, have been issued for the following suspects.  The names in red indicate those individuals who have been arrested.
1.      Luis Irizarry, 27 years of age, 1233 Green Street, Reading, PA
2.      Nelson Rivera , 37 years of age, 50 N. 4th Street, Apartment 6-C, Reading, PA
3.      Carlos Balestier-Marrero, 29 years of age, 218 Linden Street Reading, PA
4.      David Delacruz, 36 years of age, 122 Pennwyn Place,  Shillington PA
5.      Angel Concepcion-Collazo, 24 years of age, 148 W. Robeson Street Reading, PA
6.       Angel Morales-Rivera, 20 years of age, 929 N. 9th Street and/or 466 Spring Garden Street, Reading, PA
7.      Wilfredo Alicea, 46 years of age, 424 S.17th Street, Reading, PA
8.       Joseph Parry, 29 years of age, 218 Jefferson Muhlenberg and/or 2157 Adams St Muhlenberg, PA
9.      Lewis Lembric, 26 years of age, Berks County Jail System
10.   David Ortega, 27 years of age, LKA 4232 Penn Avenue, Sinking Spring, PA
11.    Carlos Martinez, 37 years of age, 1521 Mineral Springs Road and/or 735 Washington Street, Reading, PA
12.   Joshua Rivera, 34 years of age, address unknown
13.   Jose Garcia-Maldonado, 34 years of age, 366 W. Greenwich Street Reading, PA
14.   Jose Rivera-Bilbreu, 50 years of age, 21 Leaman Road, Paradise, PA 17562
15.   Anthony Caraballo, 22 years of age, 2109 Elder Street, Reading, PA
16.   Luke Williams, 30 years of age, 601 N. 5th Street, Apt. #5, Reading, PA
17.   Pablo Valentin-Maldonado, 38 years of age, 1206 Muhlenberg Street, Reading, PA
18.   Jamal Coleman, 28 years of age, 514 Maple Street, Reading, PA
19.   John Ballard, 31 years of age, 310 Bern Street, 2nd floor, Reading, PA
20.   Eric Mayo, 27 years of age, 1010 Franklin Street, Reading, PA
21.   Carlos Cruz-Lind, 33 years of age, 466 Spring Garden Street, Reading, PA
22.   Ismael Mestre-Vazquez, 42 years of age, 637 N. Front Street, Reading, PA
23.   Theodore Thomas, 25 years of age, 235 N. 6th Street, Reading, PA
24.   Joshua Manon, 24 years of age, 1416 Monroe Street, Reading, PA
25.   Robert Stoudt, 53 years of age, 41D Muirfield Drive, Shillington, PA
26.   Vicki Bagenstose, 57 years of age, 1825 Mt Laurel Road, Temple, PA
27.    Robert Undheim, 53 years of age, LKA 3334 Sheidy Avenue, Reading, PA
28.    Mike Rowe, 54 years of age, 2900 State Hill Road, Apt I-12, Wyomissing,PA
29.   George Laborde, 47 years of age, 903A North 9th Street Reading, PA
30.   Roberto Garcia-Ramos, 32 years of age, 623 Avenue A, Reading, PA
31.   Alexandria Hughes, 22 years of age, 5160 Oley Turnpike Road, Oley, PA
32.   Roberto Ortiz, 36 years of age, 910 Pear Street, Reading, PA
33.   Dean Moyer, 54 years of age,  2031 Mount Laurel Road, Fleetwood, PA
34.   David Starke, 47 years of age, 105 W. Huller Street, Ontelaunee, PA
35.    Samuel Gonzalez-Cordero, 38 years of age, 5635 Devonbriar Way, Apt K201, Orlando, FL
36.   Restituto Leibensperger, 48 years of age, 147 Hudson Street,  Reading, PA
37.    Enrique Ayala, 29 years of age, 906 W. Lehigh Street, Bethlehem, PA
38.    Victor Cancel-Alvarez, 21 years of age, 2360 Victoria Falls Drive, Orlando, FL
39.    Eunice Noemi Ortiz-Saez, 30 years of age, 1202 Ave. C, Reading, PA
This investigation was coined “Operation Last Hurrah” because the suspects were trafficking a large volume of illegal drugs throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, which has the potential to carry severe penalties for their illegal activities. This operation was a concerted effort between the Pennsylvania State Police, Berks County District Attorney’s Detectives Office and City of Reading Police Department to decrease the illegal drug trade here in Berks County; which goes hand and  hand with reducing violent crime.
UPDATE - October 20, 2017
As a result of an on-going investigation, detectives from the Pennsylvania State Police and the Berks County District Attorney's Drug Task Force obtained additional arrest warrants for the following individuals:
  1. Eddie Ferrer, 42 years of age, 50 South 4th Street, Reading, PA
  2. Eliot Lopez, 40 years of age, 300 block Linden Street, Reading, PA
  3. Coralys Lopez, 29 years of age, currently in Berks County Jail
  4.  Xavier Soto-Perez, 29 years of age, currently in Berks County Jail
  5. Shan Haynes-Ali, 29 years of age, currently in Berks County Jail
  6. Lewis Lembric, 26 years of age, currently in Berks County Jail
  7. Stephanie Zahariadis, 30 years of age, Exeter Township

The warrants were issued by Magisterial District Judge Stuart Kennedy. The individuals highlighted in red are in custody. Four of the individuals were already incarcerated in Berks County Jail from previous unrelated charges.