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Financial Assistance


As a victim of a crime, you are entitled to some form of compensation for your losses or damages as a direct result of a criminal act. Listed below are ways you may be able to recover your losses:
Once criminal charges are filed, you will be provided with a restitution form by the District Attorney's Office. At your request, a Victim/Witness Coordinator will be available to assist you in completing this form. To request assistance, call us at 610-478-6000 or e-mail us at VictimWitness@countyofberks.com.
Only expenses incurred as a direct result of the crime are considered for restitution.
Expenses covered are:

        - Medical bills

        - Counseling fees

        - Property damage

        - Fair value of stolen items


Expenses NOT covered are: 

        - Lost wages

        - Gas mileage for hearings

        - Car rentals

        - Money for "pain and suffering"


Restitution claims are processed as follows:

        - Court decides and orders the restitution at the time of sentencing
        - Enforcement of restitution payments is handled by the Adult Probation Office
        - Collection and distribution of monies is handled by the Clerk of Courts Office
        - To monitor payments, log onto public docket sheet.
        Note: Indirect expenses may be pursued through civil litigation.
This program administered by the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency.  VCAP may cover any unreimbursed:
        - Medical expenses
        - Counseling fees
        - Loss of earnings
        - Loss of Support
        - Stolen Cash Benefit
        - Relocation Expenses
        - Funeral expenses
        - Crime Scene Clean-up
To determine whether you meet the eligibility requirements, contact one of our Victim/Witness Coordinators at 610-478-6000, call VCAP directly at 1-800-233-2339 or click here.
To open a claim:
        - File on-line
        - Contact a Victim/Witness Coordinator at (610) 478-6000 or VictimWitness@countyofberks.com