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Treatment Court
Mission Statement

... a common-sense approach to improve the justice system by using a combination of judicial monitoring and effective treatment to compel alcohol, mental health, hardcore DUI, or combat veterans offenders to change their lives.

There are currently4 distinct specialized Treatment Courts:

  • DUI (Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol) Court
  • Drug Court
  • Mental Health Court
  • Veterans Court

While all of these courts have distinct differences due to the clients that they serve, all of the courts are equipped to address the offenders' drug and/or alcohol programs, including heroin and opiate addictions.

If a defendant committed a non-violent offense and he/she was addicted to heroin or opiates, the most appropriate Court is likely Drug Treatment Court.

Basic Requirements:

  • Berks County resident
  • no crimes of violence, Possession With Intent to Deliver, felony 1 or sexual offenses
  • bi-weekly court appearances
  • criminal activity must be influenced by drug, alcohol, or mental health problem
  • intensive Adult Probation Office supervision

DUI Treatment Court:

  • 2nd DUI offenders within 10 years with BAC (blood alcohol content) .10 or above
  • 3rd DUI offenders within 10 years
  • no more than 2 prior lifetime DUI's
  • non-violent offenders
  • 6-18 months of intensive supervision comprised of:
    • meetings twice a month in court with the judge and fellow participants
    • random urinalysis testing
    • individual drug & alcohol treatment sessions/counseling
    • participation in recovery related activities as recommended
    • weekly one-on-one meetings with the Adult Probation Officer

For More information and access to DUI Treatment Court forms, please click on the link below:


Drug Court:

  • mandatory urinalysis testing & treatment
  • BCC or PA counseling
  • TASC Case Management
  • recovery group
  • (4) 90 day phases
  • each applicant must admit to a drug or alcohol problem & want help

Drug Treatment Court is an intensive, 18 month program designed for non-violent offenders who are involved in the criminal justice system as a result of their active drug addiction.

It provides the highest level of supervision that the Adult Probation Office can provide.

Drug Court includes defendants who have open cases in the criminal court system, and also includes defendants who are currently on probation and/or parole and who would otherwise have violated the probation or parole.

Drug Court has 4 phases. In phases I & II, defendants are required to appear before the Treatment Court judge twice per month. In phases III & IV, defendants are required to appear in court once per month.

In addition to appearing in court, participants are required to submit to random and regular urine tests. Additionally, they must meet with assigned adult probation officers regularly, must attend drug treatment -- both individual and group treatment, and if they are not employed, must work with an employment specialist who assists participants in finding employment. Additionally, they are monitored by Berks County Prison Society.

There are regular meetings among the professionals in Treatment Court. The meetings include the Treatment Court judge, representatives from the District Attorney's Office and Public Defender's Office, Adult Probation Office, Berks County Prison Society, and treatment provided from TASC, PA Counseling, and SAM.

The defendants must sign waivers with their treatment providers, so the Team knows whether the participants are attending all scheduled treatment sessions.

If the participants do not follow all requirements of the program, they are subject to sanctions by the Treatment Court judge, including jail sanctions and possible removal from the program.

Benefits for defendants who participate in Treatment Court:

  • for people with new charges, if the participant completes the program, he/she will avoid jail time and receive a probationary sentence.
  • for participants who are on supervision and are not compliant, they avoid Gagnon II hearing and further incarceration.
  • for certain participants with new charges, the District Attorney will agree to dismiss the charges pursuant to 35 Pa.C.S. Section 780-117 and 118.

Mental Health Court:

  • must have a verifiable mental health diagnosis
  • SAM case management
  • medication management
  • dual-diagnosis treatment
  • (4) 90 day phases
  • acceptable diagnoses include Major Depression, Schizophrenia, or Bi-Polar Disorder

Veterans Court:

For additional information regarding Treatment Courts, you can contact:

Treatment Court ApplicationS:

Drug Treatment Court Application 07-18.pdfDrug Treatment Court Application 07-18.pdf

DUI Treatment Court Application 07-18.pdfDUI Treatment Court Application 07-18.pdf

Mental Health Treatment Court Application 07-18.pdfMental Health Treatment Court Application 07-18.pdf

Veterans Treatment Court Application 07-18.pdfVeterans Treatment Court Application 07-18.pdf

TREATMENT COURT AGREEMENT: treatment court agreement mod v. 2017.9.pdftreatment court agreement mod v. 2017.9.pdf

Also, please view the below PowerPoint presentation prepared by the Berks County Adult Probation Office.

Treatment Court Powerpoint.pptxTreatment Court Powerpoint.pptx