LEPC Profile


The Berks County Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) is tasked with developing and implementing community emergency response plans for potential releases of hazardous materials.


The LEPC consists of members representing local elected officials, law enforcement, emergency management, fire services, emergency medical services, health, local environmental, hospital, transportation, media, community groups and owners and operators of facilities subjected to the requirements of Act 165. 

Member Name​ ​Representing
James Conrrad Emergency Medical Services
​Kevin Docherty Industry
George Dula​ Community
Michele Furdyna Community
David Gibson     Industry
Lynn Gladieux   Media
Rodney Good    Community
Brian Gottschall                Hazardous Materials​​
Adrian Grieve    Community
Leon Grim           Fire Services
Robert May (VC)              Elected Official
Richard Metzger               Law Enforcement
Annette Moyer                Community
Carolyn O'Hare  Environmental
John Ravert        Environmental
George Spanier                Community
Matthew Stairiker           Hazardous Materials
Kimberly Stoudt               Community
Terry Sturgis       Industry
Donnie Swope  Emergency Management
Jeffrey Weidner               Emergency Management
Stephen Young Environmental
Matthew Zimmerman   Industry


To coordinate all of the LEPC activities more efficiently, all committee members are involved with a subcommittee. The following are the subcommittees and their responsibilities.

Planning - Acts as a coordinating body for determining potential reporting facilities. This subcommittee follows established guidelines for developing and reviewing off-site response plans and continues the implementation of a "Knox Box" system throughout the county to assist first responders in obtaining useful facility information during a hazardous materials event. The boxes, which contain facility response plans, maps, telephone contacts, etc., are located in a convenient location near the entrance to the facility and are available 24 hours a day.

Outreach and Training - Acts as a coordinating body for achieving public awareness of Title III requirements and information. The subcommittee develops programs to meet specific needs of emergency coordinators, community groups, industrial associations and any other groups or individuals requesting information about SARA.


The LEPC, through the cooperation of industry, local emergency response personnel, the Berks County Department of Emergency Services, and the Berks County Special Operations Group has tested response capabilities and furthered the cause of informing industry and the public about the importance of SARA Title III's planning requirements. Exercises are evaluated and critiqued by outside consolutants who identify opportunities for improvement as well as noteworthy positive attributes. Lessons learned from these exercises help those agencies involved become better prepared for an actual vent should one occur.