Welcome to the County of Berks
FTC Burn Building

In June of 2005, the new live-fire burn building was completed which enhanced the instructional capability of the Berks County Fire Training Center. The burn building actually consists of two structures attached to each other. Each structure is located on a hillside that causes the number of stories from the rear to be one greater than specified below. This walk out basement design improves student safety and eases maintenance.

The eastern structure is a 3 story row home while the western structure is a 4 story commercial/industrial structure. The buildings are situated on a realistic streetscape that allows the user to create a lighting scheme that is realistic or one that provides considerable additional lighting to alleviate the students from needing to address that concern.

The row home is detailed to match as closely as possible a real single family end of row structure. There are 2 burn rooms in the basement, 3 on the first floor, 3 on the second floor, and two on the third floor. The roof has a 4 x 4 “cut-out” to allow crews to vertically ventilate the attic.

The commercial/industrial building has a differing floor layout on each of 5 levels (including the basement). The floors are designed to closely simulate real-life fire attack problems encountered in similarly sized buildings. A fully operating Type III standpipe system allows the user to perform mid-rise firefighting evolutions. A modified sprinkler system has been created on the second floor to allow the user to conduct operations with a sprinkler contained fire. The roof of the structure includes a large combustible roof simulator.

The windows and doors of both structures consist of steel plate components for durability. While realism in their construction is sacrificed for durability, they are equipped with latching devices that are capable of providing for fairly realistic entry challenges.

View from the A-B Side

View from the A-D Side

View from the B-C Side