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Hazard Mitigation Plan Update

2018 Hazard Mitigation Plan


Flooding events like Tropical Storm Lee, damaging winds from Super Storm Sandy, near record snow fall from Winter Storm Jonas and the Hopewell Wildfire are just a few of the recent hazards that have impacted Berks County. Damage figures reached well into the millions and affected many of our residents and the communities they call home. Pre-disaster hazard mitigation will increase the disaster resiliency of Berks County so that our residents, businesses and communities will be less susceptible to future exposures to disastrous events.

Berks County Department of Emergency Services along with the Berks County Planning Commission, Business and Industry, Universities, Municipalities, American Red Cross, Local Hospitals, and First Responders have completed the 2018 Hazard Vulnerability Assessment and Hazard Mitigation Plan. The plan is now available below and requested that all Berks County municipalities consider adoption by resolution to remain eligible for grant funding under 44CFR201.6(d)(3).

The mitigation planning regulations 44CFR 201.6(d)(3) states that a local jurisdiction must review and revise its plan to reflect development changes, progress of local efforts, and priority changes within five years in order to remain eligible for grant funding. This process was conducted over a span of a year with 100% participation and 100% adoption from all Berks County municipal governments in 2013. It is our hope that the 2018 plan will receive the same support. Anyone having any questions or wishing to comment may do so by contacting Berksdes@countyofberks.com. Municipal resolutions should be set to the same email address for inclusion as a participant.

 2018 Berks County Hazard Vulnerability Assessment and Mitigation Plan (Final)

2018 Berks County Hazard Mitigation Plan Summary of Changes

Hazard Mitigation Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

 SCM #1 Meeting Minutes, May  8, 2017

SCM #2 Meeting Minutes, June, 5, 2017

SCM #3 Meeting Minutes, July 10, 2017

SCM #4 Meeting Minutes, August 28, 2017

SCM #5 Meeting Minutes, September 25, 2017

SCM #6 Meeting Minutes, October 23, 2017