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Municipal Emergency Management
‚ÄčThe Pennsylvania Emergency Services Code (Title 35), Section 7503 defines the powers and duties of political subdivisions.  This section states that each political subdivision shall;
    1. Prepare, maintain and keep current a disaster emergency management plan for the prevention and minimization of injury and damage caused by disaster, prompt and effective response to disaster and disaster emergency relief and recovery in consonance with the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Plan.
    2. Establish, equip and staff an emergency operations center, consolidated with warning and communication systems to support government operations in emergencies and provide other essential facilities and equipment for agencies and activities assigned emergency functions.
    3. Provide individual and organizational training programs to insure prompt, efficient and effective disaster emergency services.
    4. Organize, prepare and coordinate all locally available manpower, materials, supplies, equipment, facilities and services necessary for disaster emergency readiness, response and recovery.
    5. Adopt and implement precautionary measures to mitigate the anticipated effects of disaster.
    6. Execute and enforce such rules and orders as the agency shall adopt and promulgate under the authority of this part.
    7. Cooperate and coordinate with any public and private agency or entity in achieving any purpose of this part.
    8. Have available for inspections at its emergency operations center all emergency management plans, rules and orders of the Governor and the agency.
    9. Provide prompt and accurate information regarding local disaster emergencies to appropriate Commonwealth and local officials and agencies and the general public.
    10. Participate in all tests, drills and exercises, including remedial drills and exercises, scheduled by the agency or by the Federal Government.
    11. Participate in the program of integrated flood warning systems.