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How to Pay for Copies
Methods for payment of document copies
All copies are .50 cents per page
Credit Card / Privacy Policy, click here
There are two ways you may pay for copies of documents on our website, the first is by credit card. Please note there is a sliding rate transaction fee added to all credit card purchases.  This fee is added by our credit card processor and is not a County fee.
The fee will be charged based on the amount of your sale ranging from $1.75 for sales up to $50.00, $2 between $50.01 and $75, $3.75 between $75.01 and $100, $5.75 between $100.01 and $150, $7.75 between $150.01 and $200 and for sales above $200 an additional fee of $2 for every $50 increment.  This same incremental fee will be added to all escrow account deposits funded by a credit card.
The second and least costly option is to establish an escrow account with our office, this method is ideal for frequent users and has no added processing fees, unless you fund the account online via a credit card.
If you would like to establish an escrow account to pay for copies purchased on our website or in our office please e-mail the following information to: recorder@countyofberks.com
1. Your name or business / organization name,
2. Address
3. Contact person name if business or organization,
4. Phone number,
5. E-mail address,
6. The user name(s) you created and authorize to access your account balance.
We will open your account once we receive a check from you for your initial deposit, mail your check made payable to, Berks County Recorder of Deeds to:
Berks County Recorder of Deeds
Berks County Services Center, Third Floor
633 Court St.
Reading PA 19601