Welcome to the County of Berks
Agricultural Security Areas

One of the minimum criteria to apply to the Agricultural Conservation Easement (ACE) program is that the farm must be located in an Agricultural Security Area (ASA).

Please use the following steps to enroll your land in your township's ASA.

  1. Download and print the Agricultural Security Area (ASA) Enrollment Form. On the form, please provide the names of all landowners, your address, your County Parcel ID Number (PIN), and the acreage of your parcel. All landowners must sign the form. If you need assistance filling out the form, please call our office at 610-378-1844, or your township official.

  2. A tax map must accompany the enrollment form, therefore, please call our office to make this request. When making this request, be sure to provide your name and township.

  3. After receiving the tax map from the Agricultural Land Preservation Board, send your ASA enrollment form and tax map to your township via certified mail. To find your township's address and telephone number, click here.

  4. Please follow-up with your township to find out when your land will be enrolled. Some townships have specific times during the year when they enroll new land into their ASA.

  5. Our office will be notified when your land is accepted into your township's ASA. Your application will be activated at that time provided you submitted a preliminary application to our program.