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Voting System
The Berks County Office of Elections utilizes the Express Vote (Ballot Marking Device) and DS200 ballot scanner at all polling locations.
EXPRESSVOTE (Ballot Marking Device)
The ExpressVote provides a means for voters who need assistance to mark and print a readable and verifiable card. Voters with visual impairments have access to headphones that provide audio instructions and can use an audio-tactile keypad with braille legends to mark selections. Votes are recorded on a visible card to avoid voter concerns with the integrity of a purely electronic vote recording system. Marked ExpressVote cards are tabulated using the DS200 scanner.
ExpressVote has a built-in lithium-ion battery pack that provides power if AC power is lost. The fully charged battery runs the unit for at least 2 hours without AC power. If the ExpressVote reaches a critically low battery power level without being shut off, the ExpressVote will initiate a controlled shutdown to prevent the system from being corrupted.
Voters with low vision can view the screen as they use the headphones and tactile keypad for an audio-visual voting experience. The keypad's faceplate also has embossed Braille codes to identify each key. The Audio-tactile keypad also features a diamond shaped tactile key labeled "screen"  that allows the voter to select a black privacy screen for the voting session.
    • §  Touch Screen - The ExpressVote is equipped with a touch screen to make selections and the on screen keyboard for the write in races if applicable.
    • §  Keypad - Voters can use the keypad to maneuver through the ballot and make choices. Typically the keypad is used by the visually impaired and headphones should be used to hear ballot instructions.
    • §  Sip-n-Puff - This is an interface device commonly used by persons with disabilities, using his/her mouth on a straw to send inputs to the ExpressVote. The voter sips or puffs on the straw to navigate contest and make selections.
 DS200 - Ballot Scanner & Vote Tabulator
 The DS200 is a precinct-based ballot scanner and vote tabulator, fully certified and compliant with EAC (Election Assistance Commission) guidelines.
After the voter marks their ballot with the Express Vote, the voter will then insert their ballot into the scanner.  The ballot will then drop into the main ballot compartment completing the process.
ES&S ExpressPoll (Electronic Pollbooks)
    The Election Services office will be transitioning all polling locations to electronic pollbooks beginning the 2022 Primary.  The ES&S ExpressPoll is an easy-to-use alternative to traditional paper pollbooks. Election workers will now be able to search for voters by name, date of birth and/or voter identification number.  The ExpressPoll is also equipped with a barcode scanner.  The barcode scanner allows voters the option to scan the back of their PA Driver's License and pull up their information quickly.  Once a voter's information has been located, the voter can sign the ExpressPoll screen using their finger or a stylus.  Please do not use PENS on the ExpressPoll screen! 
For more information, review the quick guide below. 
Pilot Program - November 2, 2021 Municipal Election
   The Election Services office will be conducting a pilot program for the ES&S ExpressPoll (electronic poll books) during the November 2, 2021 Municipal Election. Voters at the following five (5) polling locations will be checking in using the ExpressPoll:
Reading 10-1
Amanda E. Stoudt Elementary School
321 S. 10th Street, Reading, PA 19602
Exeter Township, Precinct 3
Fox East Movie Theatre (Temporary Location)
4350 Perkiomen Avenue, Reading, PA 19606
Mohnton Borough
St. Johns Lutheran Church, Parish House
1 Front Street, Mohnton, PA 19540
Spring Township, Precinct 8
Body Zone Sports and Wellness Complex
3103 Papermill Road, Reading, PA 19610
Tilden Township 
Tilden Township Building
874 Hex Highway, Hamburg, PA 19526