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Write-In Voting

How do I "write-in" a vote?Write-in window

Before you close the curtain, ask the Judge of Election to explain the write-in process. You should cast your write-in votes after you have pushed the buttons of any other candidates you support.

Each voting machine is equipped with a "paper roll" to write-in your candidate's name. For the Office for which you want to cast a write-in vote, press the write-in button. There is a separate write-in button for each office on the ballot. It is important that the correct write-in button be pushed, or the vote will not count as intended.

Then press in the large flashing red button at the top of the machine and wait for the machine to open the write-in window. Write or stamp your candidate's name on the exposed paper in the window. Then pull the black shutter down over the name you have written, closing the window. Close the window thoroughly! Give it a little tug. The single write-in window at the top is used for all write in votes.

May I cast a write-in vote using a rubber stamp or sticker of a candidate's name?

For a rubber stamp, yes. However, you must stamp the candidate's name on the write-in paper INSIDE the voting machine as if you were actually writing the candidate's name in with a pen.

The Board of Elections discourages the use of stickers, due to potential machine jams. Use a pen or pencil and write in your write-in. Pens are provided inside the voting machine attached to the right side curtain rod.

NOTE: the person handing out cards or the rubber stamp must stand at least ten (10) feet from the entrance of the polling place.

The write-in slot is 2 1/2 x 1/2".