County-owned Bridge Program
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The County of Berks currently owns fifty-nine (59) bridges throughout Berks County including five (5) covered wooden bridges and several more of historical or cultural significance. Facilities & Operations oversees the daily maintenance of and capital improvements to these assets with an eye toward context-sensitive design and community stakeholder involvement. As transportation funding is limited, F&O works closely with the Board of Commissioners, PA Dept. of Transportation (PennDOT) and professional liaisons to utilize​ available funding in the wisest and most effective manner.

The operational and capital goals of the County of Berks bridge program are as follows:

  • Through a systematic, measured and quantifiable prioritization process, address the capital and operational maintenance needs of all County-owned bridges.
  • Utilize a diverse approach to funding of capital bridge improvement projects, ensuring the most efficient use of available transportation funding at the County, State and Federal levels.
  • Address all deferred and preventative maintenance issues with a target of zero (0) annual Priority Maintenance Items issued by the DOT inspectors.
  • Repair, replace or otherwise enhance all bridges that have a designation as "Structurally Deficient" to remove said designation by 2028.
  • Preserve wherever possible the cultural and historical relevance of County-owned bridges and ensure context-sensitive design is a priority when planning bridge rehabilitations or replacements.
  • Apply a judicious, analytical and objective approach to selectively identify bridges for divestiture, either via a turnback exchange with the local municipality or via demolition, that do not represent the County's regional interests and/or the most efficient use of taxpayer dollars.
  • Develop and maintain a qualified and capable network of professional engineers and consultants to leverage the best experience and expertise for matters involving County bridges.

To report an issue or submit an inquiry pertaining to the County’s bridge network please call 610.478.6201 or email​