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Religious Services


Berks County Jail Chapel

Phone Number: 610-208-4800 x 4376 Business
Hours: Monday-Friday 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Reading Berks Conference of Churches

  • Berks County Jail System contracts with the Reading Berks Conference of Churches to provide chapel staff, religious services and programs.
  • RBCC represents approximately 400 Churches in Berks County and works cooperatively with all religious groups to address the needs of the jail community.
  • Through this network of churches and religious institutions, RBCC provides a myriad of services to the community, including services to inmates and follow-up services for them upon release to the community.
  • All BCJS religious programs serve two purposes:
    provide opportunities for the inmates to freely exercise their religion; and
    provide opportunities to connect with the civilian community to enable rehabilitation.
  • There are approximately 32 different programs or services offered each week to the inmate population and there are aftercare ministries on the "outside."
  • The BCJS chapel staff and religious programs are directed by a senior chaplain. Five staff chaplains, an office manager, and approximately 200 volunteers help to administrate the religious programs.
  • For information, or to volunteer, you may call the Chaplain at 610-208-4800 x 4375.