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Healthy Transitions Grant Summary
Healthy Transitions Grant




In support of the President's "Now is the Time" (NITT) Plan, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) announced a program, "Now is the Time" Healthy Transitions: Improving Life Trajectories for Youth and Young Adults with, or at Risk for, Serious Mental Health Conditions (Short Title, NITT-Healthy Transitions (NITT-HT). The purpose of this program is to improve access to treatment and support services for youth and young adults ages 16 - 25 that either have, or are at risk of developing a serious mental health condition. Individuals who are 16 - 25 years old are at high risk of developing a mental illness or substance use disorder, and are at high risk for suicide. Unfortunately, these youth are among the least likely to seek help and, as a result, they may "fall through the cracks" and not receive the help they need to assume safe and productive adult roles and responsibilities.