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Fatherhood Initiative

The Pennsylvania Fatherhood Initiative makes responsible fatherhood a high priority. An absent father creates a void in the lives of his children. Without his guidance, love and support, it is easy for children to lose their way. A father's presence as a role model shines a light for troubled children and helps them regain their footing on the road to responsible adulthood. Dads make all the difference.

Goals of Fatherhood Initiative:

  • Increase the awareness of the importance of fathers in the lives of their children

  • Strengthen families

  • Foster better relationships between fathers, their children and their families

  • Encourage parental responsibility

Fatherhood Facts:

  • More than half of all children will spend part of their childhood in a father-absent home

  • About one million children experience a divorce each year

  • Children raised in single-parent homes are more likely to spend some of their childhood in poverty

  • Children from father-absent homes are three times more likely to fail school or drop out

  • Data has clearly linked growing up without a father to mental illness, drug abuse, youth suicide, delinquency and crime

  • Up to 70% of long-term prison inmates grew up without a father

Services provided by the Fatherhood Initiative:

  • Fatherhood Education

  • Skill Acquisition

  • Job Training

  • Empowerment Programs

Berks County's contact for the Pennsylvania Fatherhood Initiative is Berks Community Action Program. Telephone (610) 376-6571