HealthChoices is the managed care program in Pennsylvania for persons receiving Medical Assistance (Medicaid) benefits through the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare. All eligible participants are required to participate in the HealthChoices program, which is designed to improve access to services and quality of care while improving cost effectiveness for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

The HealthChoices program went into effect on October 1, 2001 in Berks County with the option of voluntary enrollment in the program during the first six months of operation. On April 1, 2002 enrollment became mandatory for all HealthChoices eligible Medicaid recipients. The Department of Public Welfare has contracted with the following Physical Health Plans for HealthChoices in Berks County:

The County of Berks is responsible for the provision of the HealthChoices Behavioral Health component (mental health and drug and alcohol services) through a contract with a behavioral managed care company. As it's managed care partner, the County of Berks has selected:

The Berks County HealthChoices Monitoring Unit ensures that the program complies with Department of Public Welfare's regulations through the oversight of the County's contract with Community Care Behavioral Health Organization.

Individuals enrolled in the HealthChoices Program are encouraged to contact the Berks County Consumer/Family Satisfaction Team to complete a survey regarding your mental health and/or drug and alcohol services.