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DISCLAIMER: This database is not the official Berks County property tax record. Rather, it is a periodic abstract of the official Berks County Assessment Administration File, and is current as of the date in the record field named ‘Record Date’. In the event of differences between this file and the official file, the official file has precedence. Property tax assessment records are public information.

This file is for general information only. The official source file is intended for property tax assessment purposes only. The ownership information in property tax assessment records are based upon recorded deeds. Property tax assessment records are not legal evidence of property ownership. Users are advised to consult a professional title searcher, surveyor, or attorney for questions regarding legal ownership.

This file is not intended for property tax certification purposes in real estate conveyance transactions, or mortgage lending transactions. Users are advised to consult a professional title searcher or attorney for official property tax certifications.

Berks County makes no warranties, and assumes no liability related to the use of this information. Use this information at your own risk.

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