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Antietam Phasing Project

Angora Fruit Farm - 502 Angora Rd., Reading PA 19606

From Rt. 12 E. (Pricetown Rd.): Take Spring Valley Rd. exit; turn right-continue to Hampden Blvd.; turn left onto McKnights Gap Rd.; (2 stop signs); turn left onto Skyline Dr.; continue to Bingaman Rd; turn right onto Angora Rd.; driveway on left.


Antietam Lake Park Phasing Plan 


In 2012, the County conducted a thorough review of the 2010 Master Plan and determined that a new strategy was needed to accomplish and fund major phases using grants already received and future Act 13 funding.* The strategy is to reprioritize critical work based on existing conditions, safety and liability issues, visitor amenities and resource protection. The goal is to maximize implementation of primary projects park-wide and conduct a cost-savings analysis of individual projects.

Master Plan Goals

The Berks County Parks and Recreation Department is committed to the stewardship and enhancement of Antietam Lake Park. Goals include developing Antietam as a County Park to preserve natural and scenic ecological resources, while promoting sustainable public use and passive recreation and environmental education.

Phase 1

Phase 1 includes the restoration of the Antietam Lake Dam in 2010-2011 and the restoration of the Valve House. Completed.

Phase 2

Phase 2 focuses on the Angora Road Trailhead. Construction to begin approximately May, 2016. Completed.

Phase 3

Phase 3 is one of the most complex implementation steps. Projects include safe pedestrian access from the Angora Road Trailhead to the Mother Tree as well as upgrades to the Mother Tree area, including accessible fishing landings. The Upper Mudcatcher Parking Lot will be completed and linked to the northern trails via a Pedestrian Bridge across Bingaman Creek. The Seidel Road Trailhead project will include restoration of the Stone Walled Creek, removal of the Hinnershitz Dam and parking and trail amenities. Construction to begin approximately May, 2016. Completed.

Phase 4a

As recommended in the Master Plan, Phase 4a is the removal of the Caretaker's House due to advanced deterioration and safety and liability issues in 2017-2018. The massive stone retaining walls will become the footprint for a scenic overlook in Phase 4. Work to begin in the spring of 2017.Completed.‚Äč

Phase 4

Phase 4 features the restoration of the Bingaman Nature Center as a focal point for visitors, education programs and community groups. Construction to begin approximately mid May, 2016. Completed.

Phase 5

Phase 5 advances design of the Viewing Platform above the Seven Step Dam.

Phase 6

Phase 6 adds pedestrian boardwalks along major trails and in wetland areas to protect sensitive ecosystems. 

Phase 7

The planning for this phase has started. This project will include demonstration areas to remove invasive and plant native species as part of a forestry management plan throughout the park that is expected to be ongoing.

*Act 13 is a state law signed in February 2012 imposing an unconventional gas well fee, also called a drilling impact fee, from the production of natural gas from a geological shale formation such as Marcellus Shale. The law outlines a percentage of the fees that will be directed for local and state purposes; Berks County will receive some funding for parks projects.