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List of those buried in Deppen Cemetery

Family Names:   Deppen   Greth   Haag   Hetrick   Kisling   Lambert   Obold   Reber   Rick
                        Schmidt   Umbenhauer   Wummer
 PDF PDF Document  Deppen Cemetery Plot Layout (Note: This document requires the Adobe Acrobat plug-in. If you do not have it, it is available free from Adobe.)

LU = Location Unknown
Name Parents Birth Married Children Death Plot
Catherine Deppen Daughter of Daniel Deppen (A12) 10/1/1837     6/2/1841 B15
Daniel Deppen   2/18/1801 To Catherine Schmidt (b. 1806 -- d. 1903)   5/12/1863 A12
Daniel Greth   2/15/1784 To Elizabeth Schmidt (C7)   2/22/1852 C8
Daniel Greth   5/26/1806     11/11/1874 C16
David Grath (Greth) Son of D & M Grath ?     1849 D11
Elizabeth Grett (Greth)   1755 To Johanes Wummer (C3) in 1825   8/17/1838 C6
Elizabeth (Schmidt) Greth   3/4/1781 To Daniel Greth (C8)   12/18/1840 C7
Franklin Ruben Greth Son of Daniel and Mary Greth 8/19/1851     5/7/1862 C15
Magdalena Greth     To Philip Schmidt (A5)     LU
Sarah Greth         1844; 14 years old LU
Name Parents Birth Married Children Death Plot
Elizabeth Haag   1771 To Joseph Obold   1818 LU
Susanna Hetrick     To Philip Obold in 1818     LU
Catherine Schmidt Kisling   4/16/1774 To Sabastian Kisling (B6) in 1795   4/9/1825 B7
Harrison Sebastian Kisling   1838     1915 B4
James Kisling Son of Harrison (B4) and Mary (B3) Kisling 1845     1860 A13
John Kisling   9/14/1801     2/1/1847 B5
John Sabastian Kisling   1/31/1773 To Catherine Schmidt (B7) in 1795 2 sons and 2 daughters 3/25/1843 B6
Mary Kisling   ? To Harrison Sebastian Kisling (B4) Died during childbirth; infant is buried with mother 1883 B3
Susanna Kisling Daughter of John and Catherine Kisling 4/22/1842     10/2/1843 B11
William Kisling Son of Jacob and Catherine Kisling 3/29/1830     9/10/1831 B12
Name Parents Birth Married Children Death Plot
Jonathon Lambert   12/5/1798     4/5/1876 E11
George Obold   1/1/1802 To Rebecca Fisher 5 sons and 1 daughter 2/20/1854 D18
John Obold Son of Philip and Susanna Obold 2/8/1858     2/6/1877 LU
Joseph Obold   1762 To Margaret Gudt (27 years)
To Elizabeth Haag (d. 1818)
To Margaret Obold (B9)
From Margaret: 4 sons and 4 daughters
From Elizabeth: 1 son and 3 daughters
1824 B8
Margaret Obold   1771 To Joseph Obold (B8)   1818 B9
Philip Obold   11/10/1796 To Susanna Hetrick in 1818 2 sons and 1 daughter 5/27/1843 D17
Philip Obold Son of Philip and Susanna Obold 3/26/1832     6/21/1892 LU
Tillie Reber   11/13/1864     6/18/1873 A11
George D. Rick Son of George and Mary Ann (Deppen) Rick 9/7/1853     12/6/1853 B16
Elizabeth (Alwein) Schmidt   1742 To Joseph Obold
To Philip Schmidt (A6)
2 sons and 6 daughters 1814 A7
Name Parents Birth Married Children Death Plot
Elizabeth Schmidt   3/8/1781     1/22/1814 LU
Johannes Schmidt Son of Philip (A5) and Magdalena Schmidt 3/6/1812     8/5/1822 A4
Magdalena Schmidt   3/26/1832 To Adam Wummer   6/21/1892 LU
Philip Schmidt   8/12/1747 To Elizabeth Alwein 2 sons and 6 daughters 3/6/1808 A6
Philip Schmidt   3/2/1772 To Magdalena Greth on 8/10/1801 3 sons and 3 daughters 10/21/1813 A5
Samuel Umbenhauer   12/25/1826     11/13/1844 D16
Adam Wummer   6/7/1779 To Magdalena Schmidt 7 sons and 4 daughters 11/18/1854 D15
Elizabeth (Felix) Wummer   9/30/1802 To Johanes Wummer (C3) in 1825   2/7/1835 C4
Johanes Wummer   5/6/1779 To Elizabeth Felix (C4) in 1825 3 sons and 5 daughters 1/20/1866 C3