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Deppen Cemetery

Begun as a family burial ground, Deppen Cemetery was originally located a half-mile west of Mt. Pleasant, south of Pennsylvania Route 183. Known locally as "The Catholic Cemetery," it was moved to this spot by the Army Corps of Engineers' Philadelphia District during the summer of 1978 in connection with construction of Blue Marsh Lake on nearby Tulpehocken Creek. The first known burial took place in 1808, the last in 1915. An extensive search of the cemetery and vicinity revealed 68 graves, only 36 of which were identifiable. The others were unmarked and may have included the 20 to 30 Irish laborers who fell victim to "canal" or "swamp" fever while constructing the Union Canal during the 1820s. [From a plaque on the cemetery wall]

List of those known to be buried at Deppen Cemetery and Plot Layout