Kid's Summer Series 2014

Programs are FREE and open to the public
Bring Lawn Chairs & Blankets
Refreshments available 
Date Time Location Entertainment
June 22​ 4:00 P.M. Gring's Mill 
"The Delicious Revenge of Princess Ruby Slippers" by Brendan Murray ​
Jake and his little sister Ruby take sibling squabbles into the comic and confusing world of fairy tale characters." Ruby and her brother Jake squabble over everything, driving their poor mom crazy. When their friend Tom comes over to play, the sibling rivalry steps up a notch and a battle ensues over whether to play I-Spy or dressing up. They settle on hide and seek, and while Ruby is hiding in her dressing-up box her bad-tempered brother unwittingly manages to cast a spell which sends her off to Fairytale Land, where Prince Charming, fairy godmothers and witches await us. Jake and Tom have to get her back before Mom finds out, and so set off in pursuit. Welcome actors of the Teen Theater Ensemble of the Yocum Institute for Arts Education for presenting this witty and wonderful adventure for children and families.​ ​ ​
​ ​ Rain Date: 6/29
Bring a picnic supper and stay for the evening concert at 6 pm featuring the Iron Ridge Band, a County & Bluegrass band.​
July 6 4:00 P.M​. Heritage Center Rockin' Through the Revolution
​Original songs and true stories that tell the story of our nation's founding.

Bring a picnic supper and stay for the evening concert at 6 pm featuring Dave Stahl Big band.
July 20​ 4:00 P.M.​ Gring's Mill The Free Folk of Middle Earth
​Children will get to help tell the story, inspired by J.R.R Tolkien’s “The Hobbit”, with some recognizable characters like hobbits and some new characters not in the original tale. In the end, peace is won by cooperation among different beings. We welcome back to Gring’s Mill, the talented storytellers from Middle-earth Studios who will set the stage for the magical tale, while leading our imagination through strange worlds where children are the stars of the show!​
 Rain Date:  7/27
Bring a picnic supper and stay for the evening concert at 6 pm featuring the Joe Baione Jazz Ensemble.​


Sept. 7 4:00 P.M.​ Heritage Center Miss Maggie Sings​
Join Peggy Gernerd as Miss Maggie Sings! in her tenth year of presenting educational and fun programs for children and their families. Over the years, Miss Maggie has created original one-woman cabaret for kids shows and she has assembled some of her favorite songs, puppets and audience participation pieces from shows such as “Stay Healthy With Miss Maggie”, “Miss Maggie’s Mother Earth”, “Backyard Bugs”, “One World, One Song” among others. This performance promises to have children of all ages singing, laughing, learning and moving with Miss Maggie Sings!