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Union Canal Towpath Trail
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Union Canal Bicycle & Walking Trail
Stop 4: Fisher Homesteads and Waste Culvert

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Union Canal Trail


The area along this section of the stream was owned and inhabited by the Fisher family. Henry B. Fisher built homes located across the stream in 1843 and 1861. Proceeding upstream about 1/8th of a mile, one can find an arched stone structure under the towpath. This is one of 43 waste culverts built into the canal bank to drain high and surplus water into the creek during lock operations. The use of the waste culvert was an automatic means to preventing towpath erosion as well. Continuing upstream on the path, you see a 2 1/2 story stone house which was built in 1820 by Peter Fisher, lockkeeper for lock No. 50 E., located near the concrete bridge at Gring's Mill.