Stop 8: Berks County Heritage Center

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Union Canal Trail 

Union Canal Bicycle & Walking Trail

This area was developed as an historical interpretive area and includes the Gruber Wagon Works (1882), a registered National Historic Landmark; the Bicentennial Eagle Memorial; Melcher's Grist Mill; the Police and Veteran's Memorial; and the C. Howard Hiester Canal Center, which is located in the barn. This interpretive area offers visitors an educational opportunity to discover Berks County's heritage.

Wertz's Covered Bridge (Red Covered Bridge), built in 1867, is the longest of Pennsylvania's surviving single-span covered bridges, measuring 204 feet. The bridge was added to the National Historic Register in January, 1979. (Note the cable car and gage-house, on the west side of the bridge, used by the United States Geological Survey to measure the stage and discharge of the creek.)

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