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1.2 Problem Description / Justification (Please check the line or lines that most closely reflect the problem category.)
PROBLEM DESCRIPTION - Please be clear on your assessment of the problem, expanding on what you have checked or providing new information.
LAND USE / ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT / ENVIRONMENTAL CONCERNS Is there anything else relating to land use or economic development that you feel is relevant to this problem?
Are there any environmental concerns that you feel are relevant to this problem?
Thank you for your participation! If you have any questions, please email us at Please add any additional comments you feel might be helpful.
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Agency/Organization2222@2.comYes2TransitLand Use & Economic Development
Transportation Project Survey6/3/2018 11:11 AM00
IndividualGreg Fairbanks28 W. 34th St.ReadingPA19606gfairbanks119@gmail.comYesCity of ReadingHighway422Lancaster AveSafety
The left hand exit and entrance from both directions is a major hazard.  There is limited time for current 422 vehicles to see oncoming cars from Lancaster Ave.  There is even less time for the oncoming cars to find a merge spot within 422 traffic. Numerous accidents are caused by this poor configuration.
Transportation Project Survey10/19/2015 3:20 PM00
IndividualRonald R. Reed523 Berks PlaceWest LawnPA19609ronr19@comcast.netNoSinking SpringHighwayRt. 422Rt. 724 & Mull AveCongestion, Safety
The congestion in Sinking Spring is severe, the backups created by this congestion cause safety issues with cars more likely to rear end each other.
A small bridge over the stream next to the Dunkin Donuts. The road bottlenecks there and contributes to the severe backups. The road in front of the McDonald's is three lanes, just before that (at the bridge) it is only two lanes and if left turn traffic is stopped, only one lane gets through.
If the road could be widened at that bridge, traffic would flow a lot better.
Transportation Project Survey10/8/2015 10:07 PM00
IndividualTodd Lanphear1102 Heathrow CourtReadingPennsylvania19606todd.lanphear@gmail.comYesExeter TownshipHighway, BridgeSR 0422From Berks county line to ReadingMultiple bridges crossing schuylkill river and train tracksBridge Maintenance, Congestion, Safety, Other, please explain below
I think its time that a plan be put in place to evaluate alternatives for providing a limited access highway from the Berks County line in Stowe to the West Shore Bypass as 422 is ever becoming more congested in this area.  I foresee the problem getting worse in the next 10-20 years as economic conditions improve, thereby increasing business along the corridor.
I think if a true limited access highway were provided along this stretch it could really be a boost to the economic condition of the greater Reading area.  If people were able to get through this section in 10-15 minutes rather than 30 minutes, it would spur people to come to the area
Transportation Project Survey10/7/2015 11:42 AM00
IndividualElise Chesson19606elisechesson@gmail.comYesExeterTransitCongestion, Land Use & Economic Development, Transit, Bicycle or Pedestrian
The greater Reading area has seen steady economic decline for years. There have been talk of rebuilding a commuter line connecting Reading to Philadelphia and even NYC but nothing has yet developed into solid workable plans. Funding seems to be the biggest hurdle. Toll roads on 422 have been suggested in the past however that strategy has been rejected by many and new solutions need to be explored. The congestion on 422, the wear and tear on local routes, the economic and property value stagnation, the lack of employment opportunities and more are reason enough to renew interest in this project. It will require serious mobilization and cooperation with all counties and municipalities along the route however it can be done. People tend to opt for short term investments as they see the immediate results however rebuilding the commuter rail could be one of the single most important investments this area could make. This would be a game changer and has the potential to boost development on so many levels. Many funding solutions exist, I am willing to help in any capacity.

Please consider this with great seriousness.
Elise Chesson  
Bringing the commuter rail back would would increase accessibility, entice people to move to the area, increase property value, it would result in much needed population growth... As a result businesses would grow and relocate to this area due to it's central location and reduced cost of operations, jobs would be created, quality of life would increase as would tax revenue... This is the single most important investment at this time. Do not make the mistake of passing this up. No hurdle is too high with the right people, motivation and approach.
Mass transportation is not only economically sound but it is environmentally sound. As a nation and world we are trying to reduce emissions. Commuter rail would be a step in the right direction. I am sure there are funds available for this type of project.
Much of the area should also look at improving pedestrian and bicycle paths. It increases quality of life and accessibility. Many cities are moving towards incorporating more trails and sidewalks. This also brings more people to an area, increases revenue and decreases pollution.
Transportation Project Survey10/5/2015 11:52 AM00
IndividualJamere Flowers YesMuhlenberg HighwayConstruct route 222 into limited access highway, route 12 needs widening on the main-lane and interchanges and ramps need to be reconstructed, route 422 needs to be widened to 6 lanesCongestion, Safety
I have seen way too much close accidents on these roadways because of safety and congestion. These roads are so outdated that its unreal! Our county is growing tremendously. Businesses and citizens rely on transportation everyday in their lives. They should not have to sit in traffic on route 222 or struggling to merge onto route 12 everyday just to get to work. Something needs to be done before it becomes more than a problem. You can't build something and forget about it.
Transportation Project Survey10/2/2015 4:09 PM00
IndividualIsaiah Slonaker18092thepack1648@yahoo.comNomaxatawnyHighwaySR0222Roadway Preventative Maintenance
Make 222 a limited access highway from Reading to Allentown in order to fix transportation needs in the area.  Tired of getting stuck in traffic going 5mph or less in an area where the speed limit is at least 45MPH.
Transportation Project Survey10/2/2015 3:12 PM00
IndividualCynthia Chmelewski413 Oley RoadFleetwoodpa. 19522achmelew@comcast.netNoAlsace ManorHighwayRt. 12Oley RoadCongestion, Safety
Vehicular traffic trying to enter Rt. 12 backs up on Woodside Ave. during the morning and evening rush hour and spills over on to Oley road. Motorists take their lives in their hands trying to make a left hand turn onto Rt. 12 from Woodside Ave. as traffic breaks to allow entry to Rt. 12 are few and far between This situation is exacerbated with traffic on the opposite side of Rt.. 12 from the Shoppes at Woodside also trying to enter Rt. 12. When the Shoppes were built there was a light proposed at the intersection but it was not installed. Adding to the confusion at the intersection is traffic coming out of the Sunoco gas station which is very close to the entry for cars from Woodside Ave. onto Rt. 12. Many serious accidents have occurred on this stretch of Rt. 12 but nothing has been done to correct the problem. This area was sited in the Reading Eagle as one of great concern in the Co. when the Eagle asked the public to name the Berks Co . roads they felt were the most dangerous.
The 40 MPH speed limit is not followed as most motorists  do 50 or more thus making the above concern even more treacherous.
Transportation Project Survey10/2/2015 2:17 PM00
IndividualJeff Gable169 Pennypacker RoadMohntonpa19540forjcg@ptd.netNospringHighway222S to 222S/422W ramp222SCongestion
Several times per day traffic is backed up onto 222S at ramp to 422W/222S near Berkshire mall. At times can back up to Broadcasting Rd interchange. One person already killed in this area, and many more accidents occur.
Ramp off of 422W onto this interchange also backs up onto 422W, causing traffic jams.
Transportation Project Survey10/2/2015 9:39 AM00
IndividualJeff Gilmore19609jdgilz53@yahoo.comNoMaidencreekHighwayRt. 222Congestion
Roundabouts on Rt. 222 will NOT reduce congestion! The only true fix is a limited access highway like the one around Kutztown. There is currently vacant/farm land to the north of Rt. 222 which would be far cheaper to purchase right-of-way through the it would be to get right-of-way from the existing commercial lands. The added benefit would be the reduce adverse effect on the current Rt. 222.
Transportation Project Survey10/2/2015 8:54 AM00
Individualbrad hogarth945 N 3rd StReadingPennsylvania19601bmhogarth@gmail.comNoReading, city ofHighway, Transit222 between Reading and AllentownCongestion, Safety, Land Use & Economic Development
I feel that a limited access 4 lane highway from Reading to Allentown would be extremely beneficial. The congestion between these two cities (which I travel frequently) is terrible. It would create jobs, ease congestion along current rt 22w, and be the best investment for us. 
Transportation Project Survey10/2/2015 12:21 AM00
IndividualJay19607jaybird68604@yahoo.comYesMaiden Creek, on up to Lehigh Co.Highway222Congestion, Safety, Restrictions to Freight Movement
Limited access 4 lane highway.
ASAP not 10/15 years from now!
Transportation Project Survey10/1/2015 10:19 PM00
Agency/OrganizationKyle Morganti222 SUCKS (Facebook page)ReadingPennsylvania19606kjmorgan@millersville.eduYesExeter TownshipHighwayRoute 222Especially but not limited to Route 73 & 662, Long Lane Road, and Schantz RoadN/ACongestion, Safety, Land Use & Economic Development
Route 222 has had severe congestion problems for decades in northern Berks County.  PennDOT has plans to install roundabouts at several intersections despite their unpopularity from the community (local taxpayers!).  I believe a smarter decision would be to install a 4-lane limited access highway from Reading to Allentown.  The state has recently upticked the gas tax to the highest in the nation so I firmly believe NOW is the best time to start a project.  A project like this should be broken down to smaller portions in order to ensure the financial cost wouldn't be too much of a burden.  First, the "Road to Nowhere" should connect to the Kutztown Bypass following an alignment paralleling just north to the current alignment.  This portion should be completed first because it encounters the highest congestion.  Next, the bypass should be continued from the Kutztown Bypass terminus to the Trexlertown Bypass paralleling the current alignment.  The Trexlertown Bypass could easily be reconstructed into a limited-access highway just by replacing the current traffic lights with on/off ramps.  I am not sure if this organization has the authority to extend such a project into Lehigh County, but even pushing it to the county line would be a significant improvement.
A major conflict with the suggestion I gave above is agriculture preservation.  I believe preserving agriculture is very important, but it should only be done in appropriate geographic locations within our county.  It has come to my attention that the county has preserved agriculture where a proposed Route 222 bypass would have been installed in northern Berks County.  I believe that decision was careless and should immediately be revoked for the greater good of the community and state.  Otherwise, the state should focus on a new alignment to complete such a project.  If a freeway would be built continuously from Reading to Allentown, it would bring massive economic benefits to the community.  Widening the current road would be an improvement, but it would not bring an economic boom to the region like a freeway would bring.  For example, look at how Route 1 in Delaware strengthened the economy and brought many jobs to Delaware.  This highway in Delaware even parallels a previously existing 4-lane divided highway (Route 13).  It makes a significant difference having a limited access highway when it comes to attracting businesses to a region.
All environmental concerns have been stated above.
Please feel free to check out our Facebook page, and e-mail me with any questions and/or concerns at  Thank you for considering my suggestions stated above.
Transportation Project Survey10/1/2015 8:07 PM00
IndividualKenny Gauker167 Wanner rdReadingPa19606goslow@comcast.netYesnot sure. Highway, BridgeRt 12Elizabeth ave.Bridge next to road.Safety
Difficult to turn right from Elizabeth Ave. onto Rt.12 without going into the other lane. This has been the site of numerous accidents. The guard rail is replaced 2-3 times each year. It is difficult to turn onto Rt12 in either direction from Elizabeth Ave. during heavy traffic times.
Transportation Project Survey10/1/2015 5:02 PM00
IndividualBrenda Groff2456 Elizabeth AveTemplePennsylvania19560nutcaseforyou@aol.comYesAlsace Township, although both roads are State RoadsHighway, BridgeRoute 12 (Pricetown Road)  SR 2026Elizabeth Avenuesmall bridge on Pricetown Road, which is actually a pipe under roadCongestion, Safety, Other, please explain below
Horrible location to make a right from Elizabeth Avenue onto Pricetown. Even in a car this is very difficult to turn. Left hand turns are sometimes a LONG wait as traffic both ways on Pricetown Road is usually moving well above the speed limit, unless the state police are sitting here, which is not practical all the time.
I am more than willing to have a right hand turning lane be cut thru my property to at least help with this situation until PENNDOT can find the money to widen the roadway and the pipe/bridge at this location. I'm really not interested in having any more dead bodies at this location if we can help it.
the small stream that runs under Pricetown Road (Rt 12) at this location
I would welcome your committee to come in person to view this situation especially during rush hour times with school buses stopping at this intersection, ie: 7 am to 8:30 am or 3 pm to 6:30 pm.
Transportation Project Survey10/1/2015 4:33 PM00
IndividualRussell Cambria924 Hamilton PlaceWyomissingPA19610rlcambria@msn.comYesWest ReadingHighwayPenn Ave. and Penn St. area on 422 E and W.Congestion
422 east and west are too narrow as the population has outgrown the use of the original design. Major congestion and abrupt stopping on 422 by the Penn St. and Penn Ave. on ramps causes accidents (FREQUENTLY). 422 needs to be widened in the entire area of Penn St. heading out past the ramp for 724. Once you begin to approach the city (from both ends), an additional lane is needed to relieve some of the connection around the city. The Penn Street bridge ramps should also include 2 lanes to enter the bridge. We have outgrown the "one lane" solution from 30+ years ago.
Transportation Project Survey10/1/2015 1:44 PM00
IndividualKathy Bentz19508dunkentz@yahoo.comYesCumru and ReadingHighway422W bypass at 176N 422EW bypass at Lancaster Ave Penn StCongestion, Safety
The 422 bypass was great 30 years ago. The volume of traffic on that stretch now is overwhelming. The entire highway should be expanded to 3 lanes and be able to easily accommodate merging traffic at all exits. The on-ramps are either in the passing lane (bad idea) or way too short for easy entry (176). I take my life in my hands every day when I travel to work.
Transportation Project Survey10/1/2015 12:56 PM00
IndividualRoy WYnn386 Martins RdSinking springPA19608hitman999@verizon.netYesRoute 222 North from Reading to AllentownHighwayRoute 222Congestion
Route 222 from Reading to Allentown has a problem with congestion and putting roundabouts in will not solve that problem. It will only make it worst. Berks county commissioners and local officials have been promising to make this a two lane highway in both directions for years. Now is the time to get off you asses and finally do something.
Only land use problems are the ones that you created and you can change.
It is time for the commissioners to hold PennDot accountable for all the waster money they have spent in surveying route 222 north and doing nothing but coming up with roundabouts. Take action now and hold them accountable.
Transportation Project Survey10/1/2015 11:48 AM00