BCPC eFlash Alerts

The Berks County Planning Commission eFlash alerts

Occasionally, time sensitive items are received by our office, which is why we have developed the Berks County Planning Commission eFlash.  The eFlash, released via email* and available at this site, allows us to relay these urgent messages to you as well as provide updates.

*Note:  If you wish to be added to the emailing list for the eFlash alerts, please email your name and preferred email address to planning@countyofberks.com.  For our records, if you are a municipal official, please note the municipality and if you are a school district official, please note the school district.

 eFlash Alerts

March 12, 2014: County Launches Floodplain Viewer
July 12, 2013: HB 784 Act 54 Introduction
July 12, 2013: HB 784 - Act 54
July 12, 2013: HB 784 Bill Act 54 History
July 8, 2013: Municipalities Planning Code Amendment
July 8, 2013: HB 515-Act 36
July 8, 2013: HB 515-Act 36 History
July 8, 2013: Upcoming Webinars
July 8, 2013: Urban Chicken webinar
July 8, 2013: Land Use webinar Summer Fall flyer
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