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Bally-Bechtelsville Joint Comprehensive Plan

Bally's and Bechtelsville's strengths and weaknesses are the basis for preparing a plan to guide the two boroughs' future development and preservation. This comprehensive plan contains recommendations for guiding future development and for preserving the historic, natural and cultural resources.

Plan Components (.PDF)

Cover Page, Members, Acknowledgements, Table of Contents

Chapter I - Regional Location and Setting

Chapter II - Presence of the Past

Chapter III - Natural Features

Chapter IV - Government Profile and Municipal Finances

Chapter V - Population, Housing and Employment

Chapter VI - Existing Land Use

Chapter VII - Community Facilities and Services

Chapter VIII - Circulation

Chapter IX - Summary of Assets and Concerns

Chapter X - Bally Within the Region

Chapter XI - Goals

Chapter XII - Land Use and Housing Plan

Chapter XIII - Natural Features Plan

Chapter XIV - Historic Resources Plan

Chapter XV - Circulation Plan

Chapter XVI - Community Facilities and Services Plan

Chapter XVII - Parks and Recreation Plan

Chapter XVIII- Economic Development Plan

Chapter XIX - Energy Conservation Plan

Chapter XX - Implementing the Plan

Chapter XXI - Popular Funding Sources

Maps (.PDF)

Historic and Cultural Resources-Bally

Historic and Cultural Resources-Bechtelsville



Natural Features-Bally

Natural Features-Bechtelsville

Soil Suitability for On-Site Septic Systems-Bally

Soil Suitability for On-Site Septic Systems-Bechtelsville

Agricultural Soils-Bally

Agricultural Soils-Bechtelsville

Existing Land Use-Bally

Existing Land Use-Bechtelsville

Existing Land Use Along Main Street-Bally

Community Facilities-Bally

Community Facilities-Bechtelsville

Future Land Use Plan-Bally

Future Land Use Plan-Bechtelsville

Circulation Plan-Bally

Circulation Plan-Bechtelsville

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