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Bally-Bechtelsville Joint Zoning Ordinance

The ordinance divides Bally and Bechtelsville boroughs into various zoning districts with underlying regulations established from the goals listed in the Bally-Bechtelsville Joint Comprehensive Plan. The ordinance was created with consideration for the character of the Boroughs, its various parts, and the suitability of the various parts for particular uses and structures.

Each municipality has their own zoning officers and zoning hearing boards. Contact information for these officials can be found under Municipal Profiles. Questions regarding the Zoning Ordinance and regulations contained therein must be directed to the zoning officer for the appropriate municipality, not the Berks County Planning Commission staff. For ease of use, users should download all Articles and maps.

Ordinance Text (.PDF)

Cover Page, Municipal Directory, Table of Contents

Article 1: Background Provisions

Article 2: Zone Regulations

Article 3: General Provisions

Article 4: Specific Criteria

Article 5: Nonconformities

Article 6: Zoning Hearing Board

Article 7: Administration

Maps (.PDF)

Zoning Map-Bally

Zoning Map-Bechtelsville

Amendments (.PDF)

Ordinance #254

Ordinance #263