Welcome to the County of Berks

The April, 2015 Eastern Berks Regional Joint Comprehensive Plan includes District Township, Rockland Township, and Topton Borough. This plan has been prepared to provide direction and guidance for future growth, development and preservation efforts for this generation as well as the next generation.

Plan Components (.PDF) - April 2015

Cover Page

District Twp. Resolution

Rockland Twp. Resolution

Topton Boro. Resolution


Municipal Directory

Table of Contents

Chapter I - Introduction

Chapter II - Community Goals and Objectives

Chapter III - Natural and Cultural Features

Chapter IV - Demographics

Chapter V - Public Facilities

Chapter VI - Parks and Recreation

Chapter VII - The Local Economy

Chapter VIII - Existing Land Use

Chapter IX - Adjacent and Regional Planning

Chapter X - Public Utilities

Chapter XI - Transportation System

Chapter XII - Future Land Use Plan

Chapter XIII - Implementation

Maps (.PDF)- April 2015


Soils - Topton


Geology - Topton

Historic Resources - District

Historic Resources - Rockland

Historic Resources - Topton

Natural and Cultural Features

Natural and Cultural Features - Topton

Public Facilities

Public Facilities - Topton

Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation - Topton

Agricultural Preservation

Agricultural Preservation - Topton

Existing Land Use and Adjacent Planning

Existing Land Use and Adjacent Planning - Topton

Public Utilities

Public Utilities - Topton


Transportation _ Topton

Future Land Use

Future Land Use - Topton

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