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How to Obtain GIS Data
Berks County has three GIS data CDs available:
1.  Berks County Tax Parcels CD
Contact:  Berks County Tax Map Office
2.  Berks County Centerline CD
Contact:  Berks County GIS
3.  Berks County Data CD
Contact:  Berks County Planning Commission
Request for the Berks County Data CD
If you are interested in receiving a copy of the Berks County Data CD, please send a request letter that includes your contact information and mailing address, payment (if applicable) and a signed copy of the GIS Data Agreement and Terms document to the Berks County Planning Commission.
There are two different GIS Data Agreement and Terms documents:
GIS Data Agreement #1
If you are a cooperating agency or government entity, please download, sign and send the  following document with your request letter.  "Sharing members" will receive the GIS data free of charge.
Eligible Data Sharing Members:

The following entities may benefit from this sharing agreement.

  1. Any governmental entity (municipality, school district, etc.) within the County of Berks
  2. Any municipal authority within the County of Berks
  3. Any political subdivision or agency of or within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
  4. Any agency of the United States federal government
  5. Any educational institution or student participating in a class project or internship
  6. Any non profit engaged in a cooperative project with the County of Berks
* Please note:  The cooperating agency or government entity only needs to sign the Sharing Data Agreement and Terms Document one time.  The county will keep the signed document on file to allow a faster turn-around for future GIS data requests.
GIS Data Agreement #2
If you are not a cooperating agency or government entity, please download, sign and send the form below with your request letter and check made payable to "County of Berks" (we do not accept credit cards at this time).  The general data agreement must be signed each time GIS data is requested:
If you are unsure which GIS Data Agreement and Terms Document should be signed, contact the Berks County Planning Commission.
Send requests for the Berks County Data CD:
Berks County Planning Commission
Services Center, 14th Floor
633 Court Street
Reading, PA 19601
Phone:  610-478-6300
Fax:  610-478-6313