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Joint Comprehensive Planning Program
The Joint Planning Program was established in 1992. This program has enjoyed a great deal of success. By the end of 2006, over two thirds of the County’s municipalities had completed a plan under the Program, with an additional 9 municipalities in the process of completing a joint comprehensive plan or update. The Program received statewide attention in 1999 by winning awards from the Commonwealth, the Pennsylvania Planning Association, and the U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development.
1. To improve the quality of local comprehensive plans
2. To create a greater dialogue between the County and municipal officials during the planning process
3. To identify and encourage regional cooperative efforts
4. To ensure consistency with the County Comprehensive Plan
This program is for two or more municipalities that agree to complete a Joint Comprehensive Plan. The Planning Commission staff will assist throughout the process, including applying for LUPTAP grant funds, administering the procurement process for all professional planning services, assisting the municipalities in the development of a work program, and attending monthly progress meetings. The municipalities will be required to make a financial contribution towards the cost of the project. The joint comprehensive plan must, under commonwealth law, be generally consistent with the County Comprehensive Plan.
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