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MS4 Materials
Below are links to some MS4 materials available on our site. Also, many more materials (including those shown below) are available at PA DEP's site and the Schuylkill Action Network site
DEP's Model Stormwater Management Ordinance (MS Word document): Self-explanatory.
When it Rains, it Drains pamphlet: Brochure targeted at the general public that gives an overview of storm water, why it is a problem, and how members of the community can help.
When it Rains, it Drains pamphlet (en Espanol): Above Brochure translated into Spanish.
MS4 Education & Outreach PowerPoint Presentation: Presentation aimed at the general public about storm water. Also for use at meetings or posting on their web sites.
Field Screening Program Data Collection Form: Form for compiling and documenting field screening results.
Illicit Discharge Inspection Summary Report Form: Form for compiling summary report of illicit discharge field screening information.
Citizen Feedback Illicit Discharge Reporting Form: Citizen/employee storm water feedback/complaint log-in & response form.
Developer Fact Sheet: Construction fact sheet targeted at developers.
BCPWA MS4 Training PowerPoint Presentation: April 8, 2004 presentation aimed at municipal employees about storm water.
Door Hanger: Notice of pollution found in the area.
Only Rain in the Drain: Poster promoting proper vehicle maintenance procedures.
Stormwater Placemat: Crossword puzzle on a place mat.
Stormwater Stickers: Art to be used for stickers; great for kids!
Paving Our Way: Paving our Way to Water Shortages.
Water Efficient Landscaping: Using our resources wisely.
Rain Gardens: A homeowners guide to rain gardens.
School Learning tools, by grade: