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Historic Resources Map- Mount Penn Borough
Updated 10.25.12

To view more information, forms and pictures for any historical site/district, click on the point/district in the interactive map below and then select the URL link.

To view the legend for the map, click on the word LEGEND located in the gray bar at the top of the interactive web map.  To view an aerial imagery overlay, click the BASEMAP dropdown also located in the gray bar at the top of the interactive map.

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This map identifies sites of historical significance as well as historic districts in Mount Penn Borough, Berks County, PA.  Surveys created by the Berks County Planning Commission (BCPC) were distributed to various entities that include, but are not limited to:  Pennsylvania Historic and Museum Commission (PHMC), Berks County Conservancy, George Meiser and local Berks County historical societies.  The completed surveys were returned to the BCPC and the information was uploaded into the BCPC historical database.

The historical sites also depict the following National Register Status:

  • Listed- Historical site/district is listed in the National Register.
  • Eligible- Historical site/district is considered eligible by the Pennsylvania State Historic Preservation Office.
  • Ineligible- Historical site/district is considered not eligible by the Pennsylvania State Historic Preservation Office.
  • Undetermined- The Pennsylvania State Historic Preservation Office has record of the historical site/district, but it has never been evaluated to determine if the site/district is ineligible, eligible, or listed.
  • Unknown- This is not a National Register status.  This status signifies a historical site/district identified by George Meiser or surveys returned to the BCPC that are not identified in the National Register database. 

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