New Housing Unit Information
Once every quarter, staff compiles a listing of new housing units in Berks.  Information is obtained from the Berks County Assessment Office.  Housing units are added to the assessment rolls when 1.) construction is complete; 2.) an occupancy permit is issued by the municipality; and 3.) the house is assessed for taxation.  This information tends to be more accurate than Building Permit information, as the permit is issued prior to the start of construction and the permit is still no guarantee that the home will be completed.
These lists are all in Adobe .PDF format:
By Municipality, by type, by quarter By School District, by type, by quarter
School District New Housing Units-2012
Municipal New Housing Units-2Q-2013

Municipal New Housing Units-4Q-2013


Municipal New Housing Units-1Q-2014
Municipal New Housing Units-2Q-2014
Municipal New Housing Units-3Q-2014​
These lists are then aggregated into annual totals for municipalities and school districts: