Subdivision and Land Development Activity Reports
Monthly Land Subdivision and Land Development reports contain information about projects occurring in Berks County. Formerly available only by annual paid subscription, reports are now available here free of charge. For time periods prior to those available here, please contact our office.
Reports are completed in two formats:
1. MS Word/PDF "Plans" are documents listing information about individual plans reviewed by staff; and
2. MS Excel/PDF "Figures" are sheets showing total monthly figures from all plans reviewed in the same period.
Links to free Adobe Reader, MS Word and Excel viewers are located on our homepage.

 Subdivision and Land Development Activity Reports

June16 to July16 Plans
June16 to July16 Figures
April 16-May 16 Plans.pdf
Apr 16 to May 16 Plans
Apr-May 2016 Figures.pdf
Apr 16 to May 16 Figures
May-June 2016 Figures
May-June 2016 Plans
Mar16 to Apr16 Plans
Mar16 to Apr16 Figures
Feb16 to Mar16 Figures
Feb16 to Mar16 Plans
Jan - Feb 16Figures.pdf
Jan 16-Feb16Plans.pdf
Dec15-Jan 16Figures.pdf
Nov15 to Dec 15 Figures.pdf
Nov 15 to Dec 15 Figures
Nov15 to Dec15 Plans.pdf
Nov 15 to Dec 15 Plans
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