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The Berks County Greenway, Park and Recreation Plan
The Berks County Greenway, Park and Recreation Plan was adopted on December 20, 2007 and is an official element of Berks Vision 2020: A Comprehensive Plan for the County of Berks.
The Plan sets specific goals for the direction Berks County should take to provide future open space, greenways, and recreation for its citizens. The Plan also provides recommendations for the identification, protection, and preservation of the County's historic sites and districts. The goals and recommendations set forth in the Plan are based on the year 2020. These goals and recommendations will change over time since recreational needs are dynamic. Changes in recreational trends will require development of new forms of preservation and recreational facilities and new strategies in the use of existing facilities.
In an effort to simplify the Plan and make it more reader friendly, the County was broken down into 5 distinct planning regions. Each region has its own characteristics and available opportunities for open space and recreation.
Plan Components (.PDF)
1.0 - Approach: What is the Plan?
1.1 - Course of Action: Introduction
1.2 - Planning Process
1.3 - Public Health Needs
1.4 - Cost Benefits of an Active Community
1.5 - Needs Assessment by Region
1.6 - Public Participation
1.7 - Review of Existing Documents
2.0 - Introduction
2.1 - Ecological Resources
2.2 - Heritage Resources
2.3 - Recreation Resources
2.4 - Greenway Resources
3.0 - Approach: What is the Plan?
3.1 - County Implementation
4.0 - Introduction and Overview
4.1 - Facility Profiles
4.2 - Major Projects and Capital Budgets
4.3 - Park and Recreation Board Recommendations
4.4 - Park Department Organizational Chart
4.5 - Peer Study: Berks County Park System
5.1 - School Student Survey Results
5.2 - Facility Inventories
5.3 - GIS Process
5.4 - Demographics
5.5 - Funding Opportunities
5.6 - School District Facility Inventories
5.7 - Citizen and Municipal Survey Results