Welcome to the County of Berks
Welcome to the Berks County Prothonotary's Archive Center!
We now have a permanent room for storage of all our Historic Docket Books dating back to the early 1700's. The location of this Public Docket Archival room is on the 2nd floor of the Courthouse and located directly across from our file room. In preparation, the Historic Docket Books have been professionally cleaned and catalogued. We have 1,504 such Historic Docket Books. These books have been shelved in the Archive room. All Federal Records, i.e., Naturalization books and documents, have been stored in a specially-created secured room within the new research area. This Archive room is currently staffed with volunteers consisting of qualified Historians who will help to mend and restore all early Immigration records of Berks County.
The following records are available for Prothonotary Staff Archive Search:
Sheriff Deeds
Grantor/Grantee Index - Contains records of property sales for satisfaction of lien or judgment. 
Appearance Docket: 1754 - 1950
Court recording of civil proceedings, including divorce. Information will include court term, plaintiff and defendant names, attorney names, nature of complaint, and note of further proceedings.
Judgment Docket: 1770 - 1956
Information includes court term, plaintiff and defendant names, and disposition of case. 
Execution Docket: 1768 - 1960
Record of money collected as determined by the judgment of the court. Information can include term and date of case, names of people involved, and date of return and satisfaction. 
Mechanics Liens: 1836 - 1937
Records of filings against a property to ensure collection of payment for services and materials furnished. Information can include names of parties involved, description of real estate involved, date and description of work, and date lien was filed. 
City Liens: 1861 - 1927
Liens filed against property by the city for non-payment of taxes or other municipal bills or services. Information can include property owner's name, court term and date, description of property, and amount due. 
Locality Index
Lists location of the records above. 
Naturalization Records: 1795 to present
There are also dockets containing divorces, registration of doctors and attorneys, "lunatics and drunkards", and other miscellaneous materials. 
Special Instructions
**Please note that docket books and indexes in the Prothonotary Archives Research Room do not contain full documentation of trial/hearing information. If copies of documents are required, files can be retrieved from our off-site county location. 
Research Fee:
- $5.00 per name 
Copies (per case number):
- $5.50 for 1st page
- $1.25 per page for subsequent pages

Please send money order (We do not accept personal checks) for Research Fee, payable to "Berks County Prothonotary" to the address listed below. After the search has been made, we will let you know the number of pages involved and the amount due.
Contact Information
Prothonotary's Office Archive Center
Berks County Courthouse, 2nd Floor
633 Court Street
Reading, PA 19601