Welcome to the County of Berks
Fee Schedule Revised March 1 2010
Prothonotary of Berks County Fee Bill
Revised and Effective January 1, 2011
(42 Pa. C. S. §21071)
Act 98-164 Effective 1/21/99
*The Prothonotary will not accept for filing any suit or action or order of court or entry of any judgment thereon or perform any service whatsoever unless the proper fee is submitted with the instrument to be filed.
*If you are presenting filings for more than one case in the same mailing, the Prothonotary requests a separate check for the filing fees for each case.
*If a claim for custody, partial custody or visitation is asserted in a divorce complaint or in a subsequent pleading, it shall contain the information required by PA. R.C.P.1915.15. An additional filing fee of $15.00 shall be required per local rule 1920.31(a)(1)(c), plus $7.50 ACT 119 FEE and $5.00 PAF fee for a total of $27.50.
*The maximum fee to be charged a political subdivision for any one of the services provided for herein shall be $10.00 (42 P.S. §21075), and if applicable a $5.00 PAF fee, a $12.45 satisfaction fee, a $23.50 JCP fee and tax.
Requests for files that are housed in our off-site storage facility:
Monthly scheduled pickup - $10.00 per file
Immediate retrieval (next day) - $50.00 per file
These fees offset storage facility charges for retrieval
Fees are subject to change due to legislative fee increases and judicial orders.
Payment only by Cash, Business Check, Money Order or Cashier's Check
Checks should be made Payable to "Prothonotary of Berks County"
All checks returned for insufficient funds will be assessed a $30.00 service charge. 
NOTE: CTF - Children’s Trust Fund Fees Mandated by State Legislation (11 P. S. §2238)
JCP - Judicial Computer Project Fee Mandated by State Legislation 
(42 Pa. C.S. §3733(a)(1) as amended)
PAF - Prothonotary Automation Fee Authorized by Act 98-164
Acknowledgments (Treasurer/Sheriff Deeds/etc.) $12.45
Affidavits (Not in course of litigation) $4.60
Appeals From:  
Arbitration Award (plus Arbitrators Fee indicated in Award) $38.15
Assessment (includes SAT fee) $169.35
Auditors Report (includes SAT fee) $169.35
Board of Viewers $156.90
License Suspension Appeal (includes SAT fee & Order) $192.90
Local Agency (includes SAT fee) $169.60
Magisterial District Justice Judgment (includes SAT fee) $169.60
Zoning Board/Land Use (includes SAT fee) $170.05
To Supreme/Superior/Commonwealth Court and 
Separate Check to Prothonotary of Higher Court for $73.50
Arbitration - Certificate of Readiness $38.15
Assignment of Judgment $12.45
Auditor's Report - School Only $12.45
Building Stipulation/Agreement/Waiver of Liens $25.25
Certificate of Authority Insurance Commissioner $22.80
Certifying Copy of Document - 1st page only $7.45
Certifying Each Additional Page  $1.85
Divorce $7.45
Notary $4.60
Satisfaction of Record $12.45
To Harrisburg $7.45
Commencement of Action:  
Civil Action (includes SAT fee) $169.85
Confession of Judgment (includes SAT fee)
Plus $35.60 for each additional Judgment after the first one
Declaration of Taking/Eminent Domain (includes SAT fee & Award) $192.15
Deficiency/Declaratory Judgment (includes SAT fee) $169.35
Fix Fair Market Value (includes SAT fee) $128.15
Mechanic's Lien Complaint (includes SAT fee) $169.85
Mortgage Foreclosure (includes SAT fee) $169.85
Name Change (includes SAT fee & Order) $192.90
Replevin (includes SAT) $169.85
Summons (includes SAT fee) $169.85
Copies per page $ .50
Sent by Mail - 1st Page $5.00
Sent by Mail - Each Additional Page $1.25
Sent by Fax - 1st Page $7.50
Sent by Fax - Each Additional Page $1.25
Money Judgment $38.15
Mortgage Foreclosure $38.15
Possession $38.15
Attachment (includes SAT fee) $51.85
Seizure $38.15
Exemplification of Record Other County/State $25.25
Assignment $12.45
Cert from Clerk of Court or DRO (includes SAT fee) $36.10
Decree, Final Order, Verdict $22.80
Default, Non-Pros $22.80
Each Additional Judgment (includes SAT fee) $35.60
MDJ Transcript (includes SAT fee) $35.55
Postponement $12.45
Transfer Judgment from Other County/State (includes SAT fee) $36.10
Letters of Attorney:  
Filing $12.45
Revocation $7.45
Commonwealth of PA (SAT fee NOT included) $22.80
Federal (includes SAT fee) $35.60
Mechanics (includes SAT fee) $35.60
Municipal (includes SAT fee) $35.60
Notary Public - Registration of Signature $4.60
Appeals Nunc Pro Tunc $156.90
Appointment of Arbitrators (not Berks) $156.90
Appointment of Auditors (includes SAT fee) $169.35
Approval of Settlement (includes SAT fee) $192.15
Approval to Issue Obligation Bonds (includes SAT fee) $169.35
Break and Enter (includes SAT fee) $169.35
Commitment $156.90
Compromise (includes SAT fee & Order) $192.65
Confirm/Modify/Vacate Arb Award (not Berks)(includes SAT fee) $169.35
Contempt or Enforcement $133.40
Custody/Visitation Modifications (includes SAT fee) $169.95
Emancipation (includes SAT fee) $169.35
Emergency - Office of Aging $156.90
Expungement (includes SAT fee) $169.35
Issue Subpoena (includes SAT fee) $169.35
Issue Title/Transfer Ownership (includes SAT fee & Order) $192.90
Objections/Exceptions Upset Tax Sale (includes SAT fee & Order) $169.35
Objections to Nominating Petitions (includes SAT fee) $169.35
Open/Strike Judgment $156.90
Open Voting Machine (includes SAT fee)
Plus $50.00 Cash Bond or $100.00 Surety Bond - 25 P.S. 3262
Reinstate Terminated Case $133.40
Return/Recover (includes SAT fee & Order) $192.90
Sell Real Estate (includes SAT fee) $169.35
Set Aside Tax Sale (includes SAT fee) $169.35
Poundage (for the Handling of Money Paid into Court):  
For Each Dollar of the First $1,000 $ .03
For Each Dollar of Each Additional $1,000 or Fraction Thereof $ .01
Recording Fee (Any Document or Paper Requiring Recording) $22.80
Reinstate Complaint $7.45
Reissue Writ $7.45
Release of Judgment $12.45
Revival of Judgment:  
Adverse $38.15
Amicable (includes SAT fee) filed on JD $35.60
Satisfaction Fee (if not included in original) $12.45
Statement of Objections from MDJ (includes SAT fee) $169.60
Statutory Appeal (includes SAT fee) $169.85
Supoena $4.60
Suggestion of Non-Payment $22.80
Viewers, Appointment of:  
Start Action (includes SAT fee & Award) $208.90
Action Already Started (includes Award) $151.20
Writ of Certiorari to MDJ (includes SAT fee) $169.85
Writ of Scrie Facias $67.15
Complaint - Act 119 Fee Increased to $7.50 Effective 1/1/2011
Plus $85.00 mediation fee if applicable
$197.35 or
Custody/Visitation Modifications
Plus $85.00 mediation fee if applicable
Mediation Fee (as of 3/1/10) - Plaintiff $85.00
Mediation Fee (as of 3/1/10) - Defendant(s) $85.00
Petition for Contempt/Enforcement $133.40
Foreign Custody Decree (other country, state or county) $22.80
Complaint $210.20
Additional Count (each) After First Count (also applies to new counts in Amended Complaints, Counter Claims and Petitions for Related Claims) $38.50 / count
If there is a Custody County without Beginning a Custody Action, include $7.50 for Act 119 - Effective 1/1/2011 $7.50
Petition for Contempt/Enforcement $133.40
Praecipe to Transmit $85.00
Divorce Master Fee $825.00
Certified Copy of Divorce Decree $7.45
Foreign Divorce Decree (other county, state or country) $22.80
Notice to Resume Prior Surname $22.80
Protection from Abuse - Petition $131.85