​Remote Access Docketing (RAD)

Berks County Prothonotary's Remote Access Docket System (RAD)

What is RAD?
RAD is an online subscription service that allows you to view the Berks County Prothonotary's Dockets via the Internet.

What Can I view with RAD?
General/Miscellaneous Index 
View a Miscellaneous Index Entry by Docket Number
Search the Miscellaneous Index by Name

Judgment Index
View a Judgment Index Entry by Docket Number
Search the Judgment Index by Name

Federal Tax Lien Index
View a Federal Tax Lien Index Entry by Docket Number
Search the Federal Tax Lien Index by Name

Yearly Subscription Fee:  $300.00 per Company/Firm (yearly renewal on Anniversary Date)

All RAD User IDs and RAD Passwords will be issued by the Prothonotary's Office and will be forwarded to you upon receipt of a paid subscription.

To subscribe to RAD, please complete the Registration form below and submit it with a check for $300.00 (made payable to Prothonotary of Berks County) to:

Berks County Prothonotary
RAD Subscription
2nd Floor Courthouse
633 Court Street
Reading, PA  19601

Upon receipt of your Registration Form and subscription fee, you will be issued a RAD User ID, RAD Password and instructions to access RAD.  You will then be able to view the Prothonotary's Dockets online.  (Please allow three business days for processing your application.)


Questions may be directed to Cathryn Price at 610-478-6970 x3457


RAD Registration Form

Name:   _________________________________________________________________________________

Company/Firm:  __________________________________________________________________________

Address:   _______________________________________________________________________________

Phone #: _______________________________   Email Address:  __________________________________

Contact Person:  __________________________________________________________________________