Register of Wills Forms
The following is a list of interactive forms available for printing. These forms may be duplicated as required or filled out online and printed. To complete form directly in your web-browser, simply "tab" through the form and fill in the appropriate information. Please note that the forms are scanned in "PDF" format, thereby requiring Adobe Reader software to be installed on your computer. This program is available free of charge at the following website:
Form Name
Appeal Notice Notice of Intention to Appeal from the Decision of the Register
Appearance; Entry of Entry of Appearance
Bond & Surety of Personal Representative Bond and Surety of Personal Representative
Bond (Waiver) Waiver of Fiduciary Bond
Caveat (Informal) Informal Caveat
Exemplification Exemplification
Foreign Fiduciary Affidavit of Foreign Fiduciary
Inventory Inventory
Notice of Beneficial Interest Certification of Notice under Rule 10.5
Probate Petition Petition for Grant of Letters
Renunciation Renunciation
Small Estates Affidavit Settlement of Small Estates under 20 Pa. C.S.A. 3102
Status Report Status Report under Rule 6.12
Witness Form: Executed by Mark Oath of Witness to Will executed by Mark
Witness Form: Non-Subscribing Oath of Non-subscribing Witness
Witness Form: Subscribing (Before Notary) Oath of Subscribing Witness executed before a Notary Public
Witness Form: Subscribing (Before Register) Oath of Subscribing Witness executed before the Register of Wills
Witness Form: Unavailability of Oath of Unavailability of Subscribing Witness