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Guide to Recycling

​Guide to Recycling (for the Berks County Recycling Center)

​Materials What is Acceptable​ What is not Acceptable​ Preparation Steps​
Glass ​Clear, green and brown bottles & jars (e.g., soda bottles, beer bottles/food containers) ​Windows and plate glass, light bulbs, crystal, ceramics or any type of tempered glass or table tops Rinse/wash food/beverage container. Labels may remain.  Do not break glass.​
Aluminum Cans ​Aluminum food and beverage cans only ​Foil, TV dinner trays, frozen entrée' pans, aluminum lawn furniture, pie tins ​Rinse cans, they may be flattened or left intact. Labels can be left on.
Bi-Metal Cans ​Any food containers such as vegetables, fruit, soup and juice ​Aerosol, oil cans, paint cans, pans and scrap metals ​Rinse cans, they may be flattened or left intact. Labels may be left on.
Plastics #1- #7
Bottles and Containers (only)
​Soft drive bottles, milk, water, juice laundry, dish detergents, bleaches, and fabric softeners ​Toys, chairs, flower pots.  Anything that is not a container. ​Lids or caps should be removed and placed in regular garbage. Containers should be rinsed and cleaned.
​Mixed Paper ​Newspapers, magazines, phone books, office paper, envelopes and box board ​Dirty and contaminated paper products. ​Stack in brown paper bags, or tie with string or twine.
Corrugated Cardboard ​Clean, dry, corrugated cardboard, shipping boxes ​Oily or wet cardboard boxes ​Flatten boxes and cut boxes in 2' sections. Bundle securely with twine.

 Remember:  If it is not properly prepared, it is still trash!