Civil Process

The Berks County Sheriff's Office receives over 10,000 pieces of civil process each year. This number does not include the thousands of tax sale documents that are processed through and served by the office. The Civil Division is comprised of a Real Estate Administrator and 10 staff members. It is responsible for processing Sheriff's sales, protections from abuse orders, civil complaints, tax notices and the issuing of the Pennsylvania License to Carry Firearms.

Civil Process Division
Contact information:
Jennifer DeFrees
Real Estate Administrator
610.478.6240 Ext 3211

Berks County Sheriff's Costs for Civil Process*


Checks should be made payable to Eric J. Weaknecht, Sheriff*​





Civil Services Filed in Berks County Prothonotary's Office​
Deposit for 1-3 Defendants: $100.00
Additional fee for each additional Defendant: $50.00

 Civil Services Filed
Out of County / Out of State​

Deposit $100.00
​Personal Property Filed in Berks County Prothonotary's Office
​               Deposit $300.00

​Personal Property Filed in
District Justice Office

               Deposit $300.00
Real Estate​
              Deposit $2,500.00
**If you have more than 5 defendants call BCSO for fee**
​         Click for attachment fees
​*Deputized Services:
Contact County where service is to be made for costs

(Please complete two (2) forms per Defendant) 
Real Estate Claim Form (This form MUST be filed within ten (10) days from date of Sheriff's Sale -- $10.00 Filing Fee)
Personal Property Claim(Sheriff's Office Personal Claim (Sheriff Interpleader).
$45.00 fee must accompany the filing of this claim.)
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