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Court Division

The Court Division of the Berks County Sheriff's Office is the largest division comprised of a captain and 35 deputies. It's responsibility is to transport prisoners to and from Berks County Prison for court, maintain security in the courtrooms and in the Sheriff's Cell Block. The Court Division services the Adult Probation, Juvenile Probation, Domestic Relations and District Attorney's Office by transporting criminal defendants. Each year the Court Division transports over 10,000 criminal defendants from Berks County Prison to Court and over 12,000 criminal defendants are transported from Court to Berks County Prison. This division is also responsible for the transportation of Juvenile defendants. Over 1,500 Juvenile defendants are transported from the Youth Detention Center to Court and over 1,000 Juveniles are transported from Court to the Youth Detention Center.

Court Division
Contact information:
Doris Natal, Captain
610.478.6240 Ext 3212