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Sheriff's Costs for Civil Process

Berks County Sheriff's Costs for Civil Process

*Checks should be made payable to Eric J. Weaknecht, Sheriff*


​Civil Services Filed in Prothonotary's Office *
**Note additional fees**

Deposit for 1-3 defendants:  $100.00 Additional fee for each additional defendant: $50.00​

​Civil Services Out of County / Out of State ​Deposit $100.00
​Personal Property Filed in Prothonotary's Office Deposit $300.00​
​Personal Property Filed in District Justice Office ​Deposit $300.00
​Real Estate Deposit $2,500.00​
**If you have more than 5 defendants call BCSD for fee**
Click for Attachment Fees​
* Deputized Services:
Contact County where service is to be made for costs​