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Warrants and Fugitives Division

The Warrants Division is supervised by Captain Guy Lehman, and is comprised of two units. The first, the Fugitive Warrants Unit, is the larger of the two. This unit comprises 16 deputies and is responsible for all arrest warrants whether they are local, out of county or out of state. The unit also assists out of state agencies in the apprehension of fugitives that are located anywhere in Berks County. The Deputies of this unit are cross designated Special Deputy U.S. Marshals and operate in a taskforce with the U.S. Marshals Service. The Fugitive Warrants Unit also enforces Probation and Parole warrants and conducts extraditions throughout the United States.

WARRANTS TIP LINE - 610-478-6390

The second unit is the DRS (Domestic Relations Section) Warrants Unit. The DRS Warrants Unit is under the direct supervision of Sgt. Jeremy Kalis. The unit comprises 4 Deputies and is responsible for the enforcement of all non-support warrants in Berks County. It currently handles over 400 open warrants. The unit also receives out of county and out of state warrants for enforcement from jurisdictions that apply criminal charges for non-support.

Warrants Division Contact information:

Captain Guy Lehman
610.478.6240 Ext 3217