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Delinquent Tax Payer Assistance





-Must be experiencing financial hardship due to health illness or injury that directly affects your ability to pay your taxes
-Must be a permanent resident of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
-Must apply and supply documentation to confirm eligibility status

A Hardship Agreement will take all unpaid taxes in our system and require 10% down as the first payment and the remaining payments will be due over 23 equal, monthly payments. 

To have your eligibility determined, please complete and submit the following application, along with your supporting documentation, to our office.  We will notify you once a decision is rendered.


Hardshi​p Application​








-Must be 65 years of age or older

-Must be owner of the property

-Must be residing in the property

-All residents must be 65 or older

-Annual household incoming, including half of Social Security, must be $35,000 or less

-Must have a delinquent property tax balance

-Property must be classified as 'Residential'

The Tax Deferral Program offers tax assistance to senior citizens facing difficulty in paying their real estate taxes.  The program must be applied for and renewed annually.

To have your eligibiility determined, please complete and submit the folloiwng application to our office.  We will notify you once a decision is rendered.


 Tax Deferral ​Application